Clearance Event: What does this tracking status mean? [DHL]

Waiting for a package to arrive at your doorstep, but its tracking status says “Clearance event”? If yes, check out this information.

This is the last of my series of posts about a few DHL tracking statuses. In this blog post, I am going to share some information regarding “Clearance Event”.

If you are waiting for a package from DHL and you get the same tracking status online, read on.

What is Clearance Event?

Clearance Event - DHL

For most shipments, it means that the customs of the destination country put them on hold for clearance. It can be that they need:

  • to double check the contents
  • further assess them for tax purposes
  • check if documents are needed for clearance
  • etc.

As for the clearance “time frame”, it depends on customs.

It would be nice if they just need a few hours to clear your package(s). Some take a couple of days depending on various situations. For example, they may require you to get a clearance, a document, first from another government agency that regulates the imported goods. Another example is, they may require you to submit documents to prove the value of the item(s), etc.

Similar Tracking Statuses

When you check the status of your DHL package online and see “Processed for clearance…”, “Shipment on hold”, or “Customs status updated” after its arrival in the destination country, you may allow a few hours until DHL updates it to “Clearance processing complete”. If no progress, say it has been 24 hours, you may call customer service to check if there is something you must do.

Just to share, DHL may notify a consignee through email if there’s a tax that needs to be paid, if they need documents, etc. Therefore, if you encounter any tracking status related to customs activities, you may check your email for updates.

Note that DHL tags a package as abandoned if not cleared within a given time frame. For example, within a month after the package’s arrival in the destination country.

Hope this information helps. If you have any questions, post it in the comment section below.

P.S. Customs has the rights to open a package to check its contents. If they opened your package, DHL may reseal it with a tape labeled with “Opened and resealed for customs purposes” (something like that).

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