Commuting: Market Market to Rosario, Pasig

Learn how to go to Tiendesitas, PII, Rosario, Tramo, Jennys, or Lifehomes from Market! Market!

Going to Rosario, Pasig, Jenny’s or Lifehomes from Market! Market!?

There are many options and routes to take, but if commuting, I recommend taking a UV Express in the FX or UV terminal along 32nd Street. See map above for reference.

Utility vehicles with Market Market – Rosario route operates there starting 10 a.m.

For early birds, pickup location is at the terminal across SM Aura facing C5. Here’s the exact location:

Market Market UV FX Terminal 2

A few minutes before or exactly 10am, the drivers will transfer to the terminal along 32nd Street.

Passengers pile up starting 5pm or 6pm. Crowd will depend as well on the number of vehicles versus passengers.

A standard UV Express with Market Market to Rosario, Pasig route can accommodate up to 18 passengers. CMIIW.

The fare is PHP30.00 regardless of the destination [along the route]. Not idea about special discounts. XD

Pickup along the route is possible as long as there’s an available seat. Fare is the same.

Common drop-off points are Tiendesitas, PII [for those going to Ortigas, Greenhills or Eastwood], Rosario, Jenny’s or Tramo, and Lifehomes.

No drop-off on Jenny’s bridge. It has been disallowed.

Drop-off point at Tramo

Passengers going to Jenny’s must get off in Tramo near the footbridge or at Shell gas station depending on the driver’s discretion.

Careful to those who will walk on Jenny’s bridge. Be alert.

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Right. But make sure to verify with the driver. It’s been half a year since I moved so I hope my memory serves me right. They drop off passengers at Lifehomes.

Ride an fx going to Market. There’s a terminal across the police station in Tramo. Alternatively, you can ride an fx going to Ayala, get off at PhilPlans, then ride a jeepney going to Housing, Gate 3, or Market Market. The fare is 9 pesos currently.

Hi! When I search for police stations in Pasig on Google Maps, I cant find any near Tramo. Are there other landmarks near the terminal? Do you know if the terminal is open during Sundays?

from lifehomes, ride fx with a sign ayala but tell the driver that you will be dropping off in buting only then you need to go across and there will be jeepneys going to market

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