How to Create a Synnara Account

In this tutorial, we will share how to create an account in Synnara, a famous online music shopping website in South Korea, without the need of Alien Registration Number or Korean Social Security Number.

Before, you can only order from them through email or through PayPal checkout for some selected items.  Registration is for South Korean citizens only. Now, they revamped their site and foreigners can now register account directly just by confirming an email account.

Here’s a walk-through on how to register.

Create a Synnara Account

Step 1. Go to Synnara Online Shopping website

Click 회원가입 (Sign Up). The link is located at the top of the search box.

Step 2. Tick Overseas Resident

Overseas Resident - Create Synnara Account
Select Overseas Resident

Click 확인 (Confirm)

Step 3.  Agree to the terms and conditions.

All you need to do is to check all boxes then click I Agree.

Step 4. In the next page, fill out all required fields.

The entire page is translated to English so there’s no need for me to elaborate each field.

Take note of the following fields instead:

ID – Make sure to click ID Check button beside the ID box to verify if your nominated ID is available or not. This procedure is a must.

Password – don’t include special character.

Phone 1 and 2 – These are required fields. If you only have one contact number, then enter it twice. The format is Country Code + Local Area Code + Prefix (if applicable) + Phone Number

Artist of Interest – Click 검색 (Search) button. In the pop-up window, (a) Type-in the name of your favorite artists or groups (one at a time). (b) Click Search (c) Select the matched entry in the list.

Search Index - Create Synnara Account
This is an example of artist search.

Note: You can add as many as you want.

Step 5. Click Confirm once you’re done filling out the form.

Step 6. Check your e-mail and confirm your registration.

Open the mail from “신나라” <> then click Confirm.

Congratulations! You have successfully registered.

You can now log-in to your account by going to Synnara website then click 로그인 beside 회원가입 (Sign Up).

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  1. Hi! I did everything by following the tutorial and even checked twice before confirming but I still haven’t received the mail and can’t be registered. Help please.

    1. The same happened to me twice, but I created one with a Gmail, and finally, I have my account. But as everything is in Korean, I don’t know how to buy. :c