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  1. By alianna baepsae on

    How do I get my certification number, am I supposed to sign up on Naver to get it and how do I add it on the register? Every time I click the empty space for the certification number it won’t let me add anything.


  2. By Boom31 on

    A lot of things seem to have changed. Would it be possible to update this guide? I’ve been having trouble signing up for months and I still haven’t found a solution. Thanks in advance.


  3. By MX on

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! It was simple and easy to understand. I had a hard time understanding the other websites’ tutorial. ^^


    • By on

      You’re welcome! I was thinking the entire registration form has changed. As per checking, Daum added CAPTCHA verification on the last page. :] Thank you for the heads-up though. I will now update the post.


  4. By Jerbox2k on

    Are you able to buy music from Daum? There are some songs I really like but can only find there except I have no idea how it works, do they use paypal? 


  5. By Jake C on

    Don’t you need a Korean national ID to register on Daum? Always heard that was a requirement so I never tried to register an account…


  6. By adagio on

    Is it possible to download music from daum for foreigners too? by paying credit card just like as if you are using iTunes? I am looking to purchase some tracks from some k-indie artists. Thanks


  7. By on

    Hi…this guide really helped me…thanks to you….btw i have one more questioneft…ummm…if i get registered then because i am a foreigner will the korean letters be changed into english…??
    Btw thank you…^___^*


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