Money withdrawal using a debit card in Legoland, Malaysia

Is Debit or Credit Card Usable in Legoland, MY?

Yes, they are!

What I have in my wallet are a few Singaporean bills and cards the first time I exited to Malaysia from Singapore for a short visit in Legoland.

I wasn’t sure if I can withdraw money there, or swipe my card, but I still went on the journey with a friend without doing a research.

Upon arriving at the ticket office, the next thing I noticed was the small ATM room beside it which seems to belong to Maybank. I was relieved that time since withdrawing money out of my debit card is near possible.

There were a lot of logos on the machine upon checking though there’s no CIRRUS specifically indicated which is what I need.

I still tried though and the transaction was successful. XD I was charged around RM4.00 [$1.00] transaction fee on top of the converted fund.

My friend tried her card from Dubai as well and it worked. Maybank just resolved our main issue throughout the day!

I noticed that there are ATMs as well inside Legoland and most of their shops accept credit cards. 👍

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