How to Change The Default Font in Word 2013?

In Word 2013, it is possible to change the default font, Calibri, to another in the Font window. To do it:

1. Open a blank document in Word.

2. Press the CTRL key + D to open the Font window.

3. Select your preferred font in the drop-down menu. You can customize it by choosing your desired style, size, color, and any other effects.

Go to Advanced tab or click on Text effects… button for other formatting options.

4. Check the font styling under Preview. Once done, click Set As Default. See screenshot below.

Font Window in Word 2013
Font Window in Word 2013

5. A small window will pop up. Tick All documents based on the Normal template then click OK.

Remember, this procedure applies to Normal template only, for example, Blank document. It comes first on the templates list when you open Word or click on New to create another document.

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