How to Delete WordPress Revisions Within cPanel?

WordPress Revisions are cached records of the saved as draft and updated posts. The main purpose of this feature is to help WordPress users to revert back their posts to an earlier version if necessary.

All revisions are saved on the database which are added to Total Disk Usage.

If your hosting plan is limited, deleting WordPress revisions will help you free up some space. The more revisions, the more disk space you can recover. The following steps below will help you purge those on your database without installing a third-party plugin.

If you want to know the total file size you’ve saved after purging revisions, write down or take note of the current MySQL database size in your cPanel dashboard then re-check it after completing the steps below.

Delete WordPress Revisions within cPanel

First, sign in to your cPanel dashboard. Open myPHPAdmin under Databases.

Select your WordPress site database in the left-hand corner then click SQL in between Databases and Status.

Copy the SQL query below in the box provided.

DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = "revision";

Here’s how it looks like.

phpMyAdmin - Deleting WordPress Revisions within cPanel

Click on the Go button. Select OK if you get a pop-up then wait for the confirmation to appear same as below.

phpMyAdmin - WordPress Revisions Deleted

Make sure your running the SQL query on your WordPress database to prevent errors. One way to check it is by looking at the DataBase entry listed above the window beside Server. If you don’t know the database name of your WordPress site, go to Public_HTML folder in My File Manager and open wp-config file. Look for the line DB_NAME.

After running the SQL query, close the window then go to your WordPress dashboard. Check some of your posts with saved revisions and see if those are still listed when you click on the Edit Screen. By this time, those should have been deleted already.

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