Deleted Messages in Outlook 2013 Remains in Inbox

The first time you set-up an IMAP account in Outlook 2013, you might have noticed that majority of emails you’ve marked for deletion are strike-through and being moved to ‘Deleted Messages (This Computer Only) folder instead of the Trash folder in IMAP Server.

Now, when you logged in to you email’s IMAP server or web access, the emails you’ve deleted in Outlook are still showing in Inbox as unread.

You’ve deleted 30 to 50 emails in Outlook only to find out that those emails aren’t deleted in the IMAP Server.

Now, what do you need to do to make sure that emails marked for deletion are deleted from Outlook and IMAP Server?

The guide below will teach you how to do it.

Purge Deleted Messages in Outlook 2013

Step 1. Open Outlook 2013.

Step 2. Go to your e-mail inbox.

Step 3. Go to Folder tab in toolbar.

Click Purge followed by ‘Purge Marked items in [e-mail address]’

See screenshot below.

Purge Marked Items in e-mail account - Deleted Messages in Outlook 2013 Remains in Inbox

Purge Marked Items in [e-mail account ]

This option will ensure that any emails marked for deletion  from any folders for that specific email account will be moved to Trash in IMAP Server.

You can test it by deleting an email in Inbox then log-in to IMAP server or web access.

Confirm if the massage was moved to Trash folder.

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