How to Turn Off Data Services on Samsung Galaxy Y?

If you’re on a prepaid plan, you might wonder why you are always running out of balance though you are not texting or calling often. OR, if you are using a postpaid account, your bill is not what you expected. You verified that most charges came from mobile internet usage. If this happened, it might be that your phone connects to internet automatically without your awareness. Android apps connect to internet most commonly for update purposes like anti-virus, online games, e-mail, maps etc. As long as your phone has right APN settings, it will connect to data network automatically without your consent. Unless you are decided to root your phone, you can use a third party app instead which will prevent applications from connecting to data network. If you are afraid to root your phone and void its warranty, you can follow the steps below to make sure apps won’t connect to internet automatically.

Here are the steps that you can do to make sure your phone won’t connect to GPRS, 3G or WCDMA connection:

Note: This guide is tested on Samsung Galaxy Young. For any other Samsung device, refer to manual for a thorough guide on how to turn off network connectivity or access APN.

1. Go to App Menu – Settings – Wireless and networks – Mobile networks.
2. Uncheck Use Packet Data3. Under Network Mode, select GSM only.
4. Open Access Point Names
5. Delete APN associated to mobile internet. Or, if you don’t want to delete it, let’s say you might have difficulty downloading APN setting in the future, you may change the settings instead so that your device will fail to connect to internet. Just save a note about the changes you made so that when the need arises, you can bring back the correct APN configuration later on.

Mobile network settings Samsung Galaxy Y
What you did will disable network connectivity on your device, meaning your phone will use GSM only.

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