Installing Dragon Nest SEA using Multipart Files

Recently, I installed Dragon Nest SEA on a Windows 8.1 computer. Since the installer has been deleted from my thumb drive accidentally, I’ve got no choice but to re-download it.

There are two ways to download the game installer. First, it can be downloaded via direct download (full installer or multi-part files). Second, through torrent. Since I’m only using the computer in just two or three hours, and I always multi-task, I decided to download the multi-part files instead.

The experience was flawless. Actually, it was my second time to install a game using multiple RAR files. One thing I’ve noticed was, the file extraction procedure is different for DN SEA game client. That’s why in this post, I’m going to share how it is done. Well, it’s very easy.

The following step-by-step guide comes with screenshots for reference.

Downloading and Extracting Multipart Files

The download links for multipart RAR files are posted on the official website of Dragon Nest SEA. As of writing, there are 13 files to download (from part one up to the last part)

Even though the parts are smaller compared to the full game installer, there’s still a chance that downloads might get broken. So, to avoid it, it is recommended to use a free download manager program like FlashGet, or Free Download Manager which lets you pause and resume download anytime. FlashGet is what I used to download all multipart files recently.


Go to the download folder once the files are complete, then proceed to files extraction. No need to use a third-party program like 7-Zip. Take note, the first part is in .exe format. It comes with a built-in extractor. Just either double-click it, or run it as administrator (right-click) until you get this window:

Dragon Nest SEA Full Client Version

Remember the destination folder. Usually, the game installer will be extracted in the same folder where the multipart downloads are saved. Feel free to change the destination folder by clicking on the Browse button. Click Extract when ready.

Extracting DNClient

Files extraction will take a few minutes. Check the error if the operation failed. A common error you might encounter is “CRC failed”. It usually occurs if the program is unable to extract a file. It might be renamed, corrupt, et cetera. The program will ask you to provide a location folder if a file is missing.

Two things to check if you get a CRC failed error:

  • Make sure all files have the same version. Do not combine multi-part files of different versions. e.g. You mixed Ver115 with Ver120.
  • Make sure the parts are organized from Part 1 until the last one. Do not rename it unless necessary. Look at the screenshot above. The parts are in proper order.

Proceed to the next section once the files are extracted.


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