Where to Get SSS E-6 Form?

E-6 is the form that you need to fill out and submit when you apply for a Social Security ID. You may download a copy online or get it from any SSS branches that have facilities for ID capture. Remember, not all SSS branches nationwide process SS ID applications.

You may download SSS E-6 form (PDF format) from this link. Just click on the Print button icon in your internet browser to print the two-page form. Use Legal sized paper. You may use Letter-sized paper but the text is too small when shrinked. Print the form back to back instead of separating it into two pages. That’s how the original printed form looks like when you get a copy from SSS.

You may also use the web fill-in E6 form if you don’t want to handwrite your details. Here’s the link. Use either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to access the webpage. Fill out the entire form then print it once you’re done. You are not allowed to save the form with the information you have typed in. If you need multiple copies, print as many as you want because once you close the window, the data will not be saved. If you need to make another copy, you need to start from scratch.

You need to present a two valid ID together with the accomplished form when you drop by to SSS.

You must have at least one monthly contribution to be eligible for an SS ID.Notes:

– SSS no longer issue the original design of SSS ID (the blue one). They are now issuing UMID which is known as Unified Multi-Purpose ID. It’s a universal ID which holds you membership info from other government agencies such as GSIS, PhilHealth and Pag-ibig.

– If you haven’t presented or submitted a copy of your birth certificate during your initial application for an SS number, make sure to bring it with you. They need it to validate your information before they process your SSS ID application.


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