Downloading Dragon Nest NA Game Client Installer

Hi folks! In today’s post, I will share with everyone how to download the Dragon Nest NA (North America) game client. But before that, let me discuss first the IP Block implemented by Nexon America same with other Dragon Nest publishers.

IP Block

What does “IP Block” have to do with downloading the game client?

As you know, there are many Dragon Nest publishers around the globe, and you might be aware already about that policy. Publishers put IP restrictions on the game which are part of the license agreement they have signed with the developer. For example, Dragon Nest NA is only available in the United States of America, Canada, and Oceania. Any foreign IP addresses outside these territories are prohibited from playing the game, and users will most likely encounter errors. It is the same with downloading the game client. Just so you know, Nexon America also adds IP restriction on their website.

Foreign users are still allowed to access the Nexon website, and browse it, but downloading the game (Dragon Nest) is restricted to supported countries only. If the server detects that a user is using a foreign IP address, game download may not be possible. No matter what web browser is used, Nexon will not allow the download.

Now, let’s move on to the main topic of this article.

How to Download Dragon Nest NA Game Client Installer?

1. Go to the official Dragon Nest download page, then click on the big Download Game banner. DragonNest_Downloader.exe will start to download after that. The file is around 2 MB. It is used to download the Dragon Nest Downloader which is a separate application.

2. Open the Download location or folder. Find “DragonNest_Downloader.exe”. Either double-click it, or run it as administrator (right-click).


3. Click “Yes” if you get a User Account Control (UAC) warning message. Wait for the program to finish downloading the Dragon Nest Downloader. It will take just a few seconds, or minutes depending on your internet connection speed.

User Account Control

4. The Dragon Nest Downloader window will pop up automatically. Select a folder where to save the game installer by clicking on the Browse button. The default is Desktop. Click Next to continue.

Dragon Nest Downloader

Dragon Nest folder will be created automatically on the Desktop, or in the designated download folder. It holds all the files required for the installation of the game.

5. Wait for the download to finish. As of writing, the total file size is 4.71 GB. It is slightly bigger than of DN SEA’s. If you have 1 Mbps connection, the download might take around seven hours or so. Well, the good thing is you can pause-and-resume it anytime. That is one of the benefits of the Dragon Nest Downloader which uses the Super Node Delivery by Reloaded Technologies. It also utilizes the highest possible download speed.

Pause option

To pause the download, just click on the corresponding button in the Downloader, then click on the X icon at the top-right hand corner beside “Minimize”. After that, a small window will pop up like below. Just click on “Yes”.

Would you like to resume this download later

A Resume Dragon Nest shortcut icon will be created and added to the Desktop. Double-click it to run the Downloader, and resume the download later on.

Please go to this link for the installation instructions.


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