How to Use Discount Coupons in Dragon Nest?

In Dragon Nest SEA, you’ll get a reward which is usually Cash Shop items every time your character levels up. One example is discount coupon.

The two common discount coupons that you can get are Storage and Inventory expansion. You’ll get the Storage Expansion discount coupons once you reach level 5 and 27 while Adventurer’s Bag discount coupons are available once you hit level 3 and 24. Use it if you want to save more money since the discount is quite big.  Those are must-have functions too if you need more storage space.

Now, let me show you how to use discount coupons in DN.

Buy Cash Shop Item with Discount Coupon

Step 1: Go to Cash Shop (F11)

Note: Cash Shop is accessible in Town only.

Step 2: Click Sales List. See screenshot below.

Sales List - Dragon Nest Discount Coupon

Sales List in Cash Shop

The coupon is for Adventurer Bag (30 slots). The total discount is 92%. From the original price of 17,900, you’ll pay 1,400 Cherry Credits only.

Step 3: Click Purchase.

Note: You can’t buy the item using DNP. As you can see in the image below, the DNP option is grayed out.

Usually if an item is discounted, you can buy it through Cherry Credits only.

Dragon Nest Discount Coupon

The item will be applied to your inventory immediately.

Make sure to use your discount coupons immediately since it expires after three days. You can check the end date in the item description.


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