Disable Pop-Up Blocker For A Specific Website in Google Chrome

By default, Pop-up blocker in Chrome is turned on. This is for your own protection. There are a lot of websites with annoying pop up ads which are harmful for your computer. This is not the case with other trusted sites. There are some pop up windows that contain important information. So, how are you going to make sure that those sites pop ups are not blocked?
Okay, for example, english.gmarket.com. Its an online Korean shopping website which usually pops-up small windows. When you make a payment using your cash balance or book cash you need to make sure that pop-up blocker is not turned off.
In Google Chromes address bar,

1. Click the paper icon before the site URL.
2. Under Permissions – Popups, select Always allow on this site.
3. Reload the webpage.
Disable pop up blocker option in Google Chrome
Thats it! From now on, the selected website pop-up windows will not be blocked. You can do the same steps provided above for other websites that you want pop-up blocker disabled.

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