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Enroll Citibank Credit Card to BPI

Citibank credit card? Online bills payment? If you have a BPI Online account, I’ll show you here how to enroll Citibank credit card to BPI.

I had to enroll Citibank credit card to BPI recently. That would help me pay my bills online which is convenient than taking a trip to a bank, department store, whatever.

So, here’s what I did to register the card.

Time needed: 3 minutes.

I already have an existing BPI Online account, so all I have to do is to enroll the Citibank card.

  1. Signed in to my BPI Online account. Note that card enrollment via app is currently not possible.

  2. I went to the Main Menu > Other Services > Manage Recipients

  3. Tapped on Add New Recipient

  4. I chose “Biller” > “Citibank”, then typed in my 16-digit card number in the reference box

  5. Reviewed and confirmed biller details

  6. Requested for an authentication code

  7. Entered and submitted the code sent to my registered mobile number

  8. Enrollment is successful!

That’s it! That’s how you enroll Citibank credit card to BPI.

I can pay immediately, but I pay on the bill’s due date. :)

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