Entrance Fee in Eden Nature Park & Resort

When my friends and I went to Eden in Davao, we thought there’s no entrance fee and we can pay for each activity that we would like to participate in.

Upon clearing the security at the entrance, we dropped by the reception next and a staff confirmed that there’s a required entrance fee [with meal] per visitor.

There were two options that time: buffet lunch for PHP550.00, or plated snacks for PHP220.00. 😂

Regardless, we still paid the entrance fee of PHP220.00 each instead of the buffet. The meal was comprised of pasta, brownie, garlic bread, and cola.

Tip: Take note of the serving venue and time. We claimed ours at Cafe Vista in the activities area [SkySwing, SkyCycle, Horseback Riding and SkyRider].


  1. By Kate on

    Hi. Is it mandatory to pay the entrance fee with meal? Kindly reply. Asap. Please? Thank you so much 😊


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