Export and Import Bookmarks into Safari for Windows

Want to transfer your Safari bookmarks to another PC?

Whether you’re changing PC, switching to a different Windows version on a multiboot system or need to reinstall the operating system of your computer, you can easily back up and restore your bookmarks and reading list any time through exporting and importing method. Thus, you’ll be able to keep your favorite and frequently visited website links.

Export Bookmarks

Open Safari. Click File on the Menu bar > Export.

Export and Import Bookmarks options in Safari


If the Menu bar is hidden, click the gear Settings icon below the X button, then select Show Menu Bar.

A new window will open. Click Save.

The bookmarks will be saved in HTML format. The default file name is Safari Bookmarks. You can change the location where to save the file. It will be saved under Downloads folder by default.

Import Bookmarks

Now, you’re ready to import the HTML file into Safari on another Windows computer.

You can save the file in a USB flash drive, upload it in a file hosting website or send it via email so you can transfer it to another PC.

Open Safari to start importing your old bookmarks. Click File > Import

Locate the Safari Bookmarks HTML file. Select it. Click Open. The file contents will be shown in Bookmarks Page after which.

Take note that the old bookmark folders that you created will not be displayed automatically in the bookmarks bar. You need to re-add it one by one. First, click the open book icon beside Reading List. Select the newly imported bookmarks. Usually, it has the word ‘imported’ with a date beside it. For example, imported 11/23/2013

Click the arrow beside Bookmarks Bar. You’ll see there your old created folders. Select the folder you wish to move. Hold and drag it to the bookmarks bar. Change the folder name if you want then click OK.

Aside from Safari, bookmarks from other internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Netscape Navigator on the previous PC will be imported too.

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