How to Factory Reset PLDT Prolink H5004N WiFi Modem?

There are two ways to factory reset Prolink H5004N WiFi modem. You can do it by pressing the Reset button positioned at the back of the unit for 10 seconds or less or by resetting through the modem configuration page.

The guide below will show you how to reset the modem back to its original service provider’s settings via the configuration page if you don’t prefer poking it with a paper clip or pin.

You can reset your modem in case you messed up its settings and now, you’re getting a problem with the internet connection.

The good thing about PLDT’s Prolink H5004N WiFi modem is you don’t need to manually enter numbers after doing a hard reset. The settings will be reconfigured back automatically to the original one.

Factory Reset Prolink H5004N WiFi Modem

Caution: Factory Reset will erase all of the modifications you’ve made, such as DNS servers, personalized WiFi password and any other altered settings. If you’d like to make a backup, follow the steps below but go to Advanced > Backup/Restore first in the modem configuration page before doing the reset. Just click on the Save button to download the modem’s current settings.

– – –

Open an internet browser. Any browser will do. Enter the default gateway IP Address: in the address bar. Press Enter.

Enter adminpldt as the username and 1234567890 as the password in the authentication window. Click OK.

Authentication Window

In the modem setup page, go to Advanced > Admin > Save/Reboot

Factory Reset Prolink H5004N WiFi Modem

Select “Factory Default Configuration” in the drop-down menu. Click Apply > OK

Wait for the modem to reboot. It will take less than 30 seconds to complete.

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  1. Why I can’t reset my modem even if I press the reset button at the back for a minute? When I try to log in using its default username and password, nothing happens…