What’s Wrong with XPost and LBC?

I’m not aware that these two have collaboration until my first order from Shoppee. Nevertheless, it seems that they have entered into failed partnership.

Wala akong problema with Shopee, except that all of my orders and shipping requests through XPost were sent back to the seller.

XPost delivery sent back to the seller

Hindi ako sure kung isolated case ito pero napaka-frustrating experience niya.

I strongly recommend “BlackArrow” when ordering from Shoppee. They are reliable in my opinion.

BlackArrow may not be perfect, but compared to XPost, they are doing their job. No failed deliveries so far.

I called LBC recently to flag the issue. However, it seems that their customer service know nothing about XPost. It’s discouraging if someone just advised you to call XPost when in fact, the order is in their possession, and the latest updates are from them.

Just let the shipment progress on its own until the order is returned to the seller.

BTW, my place is serviced by Marikina-Cainta Del Team. It’s unpleasant to hear if this case is isolated with this team. Really hope not.

Anyone with the same issue? Lemme know.

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