Faster Route to Davao City from Hagimit Falls

In this post, I’ll be sharing how my friends and I got back to the city from Hagimit Falls faster and without spending too much.

It was our initial plan to take a ferry from Maxima AquaFun Resort, but later found out that an entrance fee is required on top of the fare. We then asked for other options from the staff in Hagimit.

We decided to ride a bus, but upon arriving in the station by tricycle, we found out that seats must be filled in first which takes a lot of time.

Time is gold, so we didn’t bother waiting. Our driver told us to take a ferry instead in Babak Port or Wharf. If my memory serves me right, he mentioned that it’s open 24 hours.

We tried it though our trike fare increased by PHP25.00 [PHP50.00 in total]. Upon arriving in Babak Port, we paid PHP12.00 each and the trip started even though there are still empty seats.

The ride only took 15 to 20 minutes. We arrived at Sasa Port before sunset.

Our driver’s recommendation really saved us time. 👍

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