Things to Know About Clearance Delay

Do you ever wonder what clearance delay mean when you track a package on FedEx website? Find more information about this shipment status in this post.

Do you ever wonder what “Clearance Delay” mean when you track a package on FedEx website?

People usually ship parcels via FedEx to take advantage of the reliable and fast shipping service. FedEx services are expensive, but it is worth the money. Packages are traceable and insurable. The delivery time frame is awesome. Usually, it takes only a few days, but it is not always the case. Though FedEx offers a great service, the company is not exempt from customs regulations of a country. There are times that delivery is late, and one of the common reasons for it is clearance procedure.
Clearance Delay
Clearance Delay, or “Package available for clearance” means the package was held for examination and assessment by customs. It is a shipment update that is very common on imports from overseas.

About Customs

For the sake of those who do not have an idea about customs, it is a government agency that is responsible for examining, and collecting duties and taxes on shipments coming in and out of a country.

Customs assigns inspectors and collectors in ports and courier facilities. Those people are responsible for clearing shipments, and ensuring that taxable goods are taxed.

Clearance Procedure on FedEx vs. Other Courier Companies

The clearance procedure in a FedEx facility is normally quicker than other courier companies. They update the shipment status of a parcel as soon as customs finishes assessing it. See example below.

Package available for clearance

The tracking history shows the package was shipped on January 29, and it arrived in the destination country at 6:28 a.m., the following day. Customs assessed the package and levied taxes on it. It was released quickly in less than an hour.

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12/05/2019 ARRIVED mactan Cebu international Airport Philippines ON HOLD FOR CLEARANCE AND ADMINISTRTIVE CHARGE PHP16,000

Magbabayad po ba talaga kapag on hold Ang package Yan kc nkalgay sa shipment status ko, scam ata Yan help nmn po thanks
From World wide delivery cargo

Friday, Nov 30, 2018 4:31 PM NY Import customs clearance completed
Tuesday, Nov 20, 2018 9:24 PM N/A Flight landed in destination country



I know this is an old post but there’s not a whole lot of information out there and this one of the first pages I found.

So I have a package that arrived in the UK STANSTED GB, 12 days ago with the status: In transit. (before it arrived the estimated delivery days was 11 days ago)

All it says is Package available for clearance STANSTED GB – Fedex contacted me asking for an EORI number the EORI number has now been submitted and verified but Fedex are not providing anything other than “Package available for clearance” I’ve been calling Customs & Fedex daily not sure whats the delay now the EORI number has been validated.

Anyone else experienced any issues like this?

Nothing is miss declared and the true value declared. Package origin India.

Contents is Terpenes Isolated from natural plants from a reputable supplier. These types of products are Aromatic scents and Essential Oils.

i have had exactly the same problem. my shipment left thane/mumbai then spent 3 days in charles de gaulle/france. yesterday i confirmed my EORI number as the package is in stansted but i have heard nothing back by email confirming my number. i phoned the gts clearance team twice today and was put on hold for half hour each time before being cut off. how long do you wait for a response and are there any storage charges after 5 days. fedex are not very helpful and charge a fortune.

Fed-Ex better refund me my 2 day shipping because that was $50 and my shit is still on hold in Memphis, TN for the 12th day.

I ordered 2 pair of glasses. I couldn’t find in the US in different colors. I told them from the jump I’m returning one pair and I have 30 days. They have been stuck in customs for a week already and I can’t get an ETA on the delivery – which was supposed to be next day.

I sent parcel from UK to Morocco and getting no answers from Fedex. Just clearance import delay, yet at same time, tracking saying shipment refused. This is crazy because now they are asking parcel reciever for money but avoiding if he can actually collect parcel.

Is it normal that I got a phone call, and says, I need to send a scanned copy of my ID and signature, and send it to her email to release my package? Woman in the line said I can’t get my package if I can’t provide it. Do I need to send that FedEx?

Hello, I ordered t-shirts worth $1090.00 from UK to USA and Fedex sent me this: Description provided is insufficient to classify commodity. Shipper or importer must provide a more detailed description of goods. What info should I provide? Thank you!

Subject : Regarding my parcel thats been held by custom.

Hi I’m Lee Ming Wan here. Regarding my parcel that’s been held by custom since 2 days ago. I would like to know the reason and what’s actually happen to my parcel over there. The waybill number is ( 803493953648 ). And hope madam/sir could reply me to let me know what can I do to make my parcel to be release as soon as possible.

Lee Ming Wan

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