Find NVIDIA Video Card Driver

Do you want to update the NVIDIA video card installed on your PC or laptop but you can’t because you don’t know where to find and download the correct driver?

If your answer to that question is yes then NVIDIA has a solution for you.

On the NVIDIA Driver Download page, there are two options to choose from to download the latest driver for your graphics card. The first one is manual search and the other alternative option – Option 2 – is by allowing the website to detect the graphics card installed on your computer using the GPU Reader. After the scan, NVIDIA will show the latest driver which you can download immediately. This is more convenient than the first option most especially if you have no idea about the model of the NVIDIA graphics card you’re using.

The following steps below will help you download the right driver for your video card by utilizing option two.

Automatically Find The Driver for an NVIDIA Video Card

First, open an internet browser. Preferably Internet Explorer (32-bit only). This method works best on that browser.

Go to NVIDIA Driver Download Page. Click on Graphics Drivers button.

The website requires JAVA to run the GPU Reader. If it is installed already, the website will proceed with the scan. If not, you will get an error like this: “The NVIDIA Smart Scan requires the latest version of Java”

To fix it, you need to install the required component first.

Download JAVA

Open a new tab in Internet Explorer. Go to this webpage. Click the Free Java Download button.

Run the online installer then proceed with the installation.

Now, restart Internet Explorer. Click Enable if you get a notification that Java add-on is now ready for use.

Go back to NVIDIA Driver Download page. Click on Graphics Driver button.

NVIDIA Driver Download Page
NVIDIA Driver Download Page

Click Run if you get a pop-up window like in the screenshot below.

Allow to Run NVIDIA GPU_Reader
Allow to Run NVIDIA GPU_Reader

Wait for the scan to finish. The video card model will be shown under product column and the current installed driver in the second column.

NVIDIA Video Card Recommended Update
NVIDIA Video Card Recommended Update

Click the Download button to get the latest driver.

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