How to Fix Bad Sector on Western Digital SATA HDDs?

Hard disk drive is one of the most important components of a CPU. The operating system and all of your files are saved on it. Most people hate when their hard drives crashed suddenly, getting lots of bad sectors like what happened on mine.

Recently, Windows doesn’t boot up any longer (Error: \boot\BCD 0xc00000e9). It keeps on repairing start-up as well as the disk errors. If you have experienced the same thing, you might have experienced waiting for the repair setup to finish for a couple of hours and yet it doesn’t resolve the issue. You’ll just find out in the end that your hard drive is failing.

I never had a failing hard drive except for what happened to my 80GB Western Digital HDD. It is the only hard disk installed on my PC and all of my important files are saved on it. I brought it to the store where I originally bought it from and the technician informed me that the HDD crashed and it has a lot of bad sectors. Since I need to go online most of the time, I decided to buy a new hard drive (500GB). The technician informed me to connect my old hard drive as secondary after I installed Windows on the new hard drive. Just in case I’ll be able to rescue my old files.

So, I did a fresh installation of Windows 7 on the new hard drive and followed what the technician said. When I reboot the system, Windows detected the second hard drive and ran the CHKDSK automatically since it’s corrupted. It ran for 15 minutes. Windows showed these common errors:

File record is unreadable.
Connecting error in index.
Insufficient disk space.

I let Windows finish checking the disk then it booted normally from the primary hard drive. I was so lucky to find out that I can still access the files on my old hard drive but I noticed some of it were already gone.

Now, I don’t have problems accessing the remaining files on my old hard drive but every time I reboot, CHKDSK always run. It always takes time. I tried to find another tool that can fix it permanently until I came across Western Digital’s official website. I found a tool that can run a test and repair bad sectors on the SATA HDDs. It is called Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows. I was relieved when I discovered it. It’s very easy to use and it is the silver bullet to the problem on my old hard drive. It repaired all bad sectors. In the end, it was able to fix all the errors on the hard disk. Everything went back to normal. Now, I have 580GB of hard disk space in total.

If you own a Western Digital SATA HDD and you have issues with it like mine, you can try using Download Data Lifeguard to fix it. Here’s a guide for you to follow.

Fix Bad Sectors on WD SATA HDD

Step 1: Download Data LifeGuard Diagnostic ( here.

Step 2: Extract

Step 3: Inside WinDlg_124 folder, run WinDlg.exe as administrator (Right click → Run as Administrator)

WinDlg Run as Administrator - Fix Bad Sector

Run WinDlg.exe as administrator.

Step 4: Put a check mark on “I accept this License Agreement.

Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics Terms and Conditions - Fix Bad Sector

Agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 5: Click Next. Let the program detect the installed hard drives on your PC.

Step 6: Select and highlight the hard disk you want to test.

Step 7: Click the Run test button or the Run test icon - Fix Bad Sector icon after the word Click.

Caution: Make sure to exit opened folders and files from the hard disk before running a test.

Step 8: In DLGDIAG – Select An Option window, choose EXTENDED Test.

Extended Test - Fix Bad Sector

Extended Test

Step 9: Click Start. Depending on the hard disk volume, the test might run over an hour. A typical 80GB Western Digital HDD can be tested within 35 to 40 minutes.

Step 10: Wait for the test to finish.

Step 11: Click Repair.

Repairing Hard Disk

Repairing Hard Disk

Step 12: Wait for the confirmation that the hard disk drive repair is completed. Reboot your PC.


  1. By Keith on

    One problem with your solution if a hard drive that has an error for not booting into an OS you need a bootable program not on that runs in an OS I mean come on I guess people got two or three PCs to run it guess if someone has a laptop that has bad sectors with your fix they are SOL.


  2. By Roberto Carabajal on

    Hi: I had problems with a SATA WD 1 Terabyte Hard Disk which presented 1 bad sector (althought it was well formatted and was working properly) and Dldiag stopped with the message than cannot repair the drive. Nevertheless SMART tests no detected any fault. I tested it with HDD Regenerator and the problem was solved, the bad sector was rewriten. Which could be the difference between both programs.?. Thanks very much.


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