Do you keep getting a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error IRQL_GT_ZERO_AT_SYSTEM_SERVICE
every time you browse some websites using Bitdefender Safepay?

To fix this error, you may try to install a hotfix available from the Microsoft Support Website.

Install Hotfix

Note: The hotfix applies only to Windows Server 2008, Vista and 7. If your computer is running on Windows 8, it is advisable to get assistance from Bitdefender Tech Support. You may contact them via email, chat, phone or by posting in Bitdefender forums.

You may download the hotfix from this link. Click the ‘Hotfix Download Available’ button.

Select your operating system on the next page. Enter an e-mail address where you want Microsoft to send the hotfix. Enter the CAPTCHA code then click ‘Request Hotfix’ button.

Now, log-in to your email account. Open the email from Microsoft Hotfix. Copy the link provided at the bottom of the e-mail and paste it in a new tab on your internet browser.

Save the hotfix on your computer. Right-click the file. Select ‘Run as administrator’. Click Yes if you get a User Account Control warning message.

In Microsoft Self-Extractor window, click Continue. Select the folder where you want to extract the file. Click OK.

Microsoft Self-Extractor Program

Open the folder containing the extracted file. Run it (Right-click > Open)


Wait for the installation to finish and reboot your PC afterwards.

Open Bitdefender Safepay. Visit a website and check if the BSOD error will still occur.

If the error keeps on coming back, you may contact Bitdefender Support for further troubleshooting.

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