Fix Windows Store Error Code 0x80070422

Are you getting an error 0x80070422 when installing apps from Windows Store? If yes, the following guide below will help you resolve the issue.

Take note that the solution below is applicable to Windows 8 with Windows Update service disabled.

That’s right! Error Code 0x80070422 has something to do with Windows Update as well.

Some Windows users do not prefer to download updates. There are many ways to disable and prevent Windows system from downloading and installing updates however this sometimes causes problems like in Windows Store.

Error 0x80070422 - Windows Store

Windows Store Error Code 0x80070422 – “Your purchase couldn’t be completed.

One of the requirements to be able to download free metro apps from Windows Store is to enable the Windows Update service. If disabled, you’ll get an error code 0x80070422

Fix Windows Store Error Code 0x80070422

Enable Windows Update Service

Open Computer Management window by pressing Windows key + X in your keyboard. Go to Services and Applications → Services

Scroll down and find ‘Windows Update’. Double click it to pull up the Properties window.

Select Automatic (Delayed Start) in Startup type. Click Start button.

Save the new setting. Click Apply → OK

Tip: Make sure the following services are also enabled: Windows Store Service, Windows Firewall and Windows Defender Service

Reboot your computer.

Now, go to Windows Store then download an app and verify if the error is resolved.

Enabling Windows Update service doesn’t mean that the system will download and install updates automatically unless the setting is “Automatic Download”.

You can prevent the system from downloading or installing updates by changing the setting to ‘Never Check for updates’ in Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Update\Change settings even if the Windows Update service is enabled.


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