Need to Contact EMS in the Philippines? Here’s How!

Need to follow up the delivery of your EMS package? Was it stuck somewhere? You can contact PhlPost. Here’s their contact information.

Is the delivery of your EMS package delayed? Would you like to follow it up?

Here is a list of contact numbers that you can use to reach PhlPost or the peeps handling EMS shipments at Central Mail Exchange Center (CMEC) in Pasay City, Manila:

  • 854-5467
  • 854-3580

If you are using a smartphone, just copy the number then paste it into your dialer πŸ“ž. Mobile calls are subject to regular rates unless you are subscribed to a promo. It is best to contact PhlPost through landline.

Please note that PhlPost does not have a contact center. The phone numbers above are prolly regular landline numbers that you can call to inquire, complain?, or whatever.

Based on my experience, it is difficult to get someone from the other line. Sometimes, it just rings until the line is cut off. :( It is best to call in the morning, preferably 9am.

PhlPost is open from Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5pm (subject to change especially on holidays).

Possible to Email Them?

Definitely an alternative option!

That is how I contact them nowadays and I usually get a reply within two business days, though there was an instance that they completely ignored my email, or worst, junked it. Perhaps, it depends on the person answering the email. ;)

My last email to them was a formal request to send back the package to South Korea or donate it to a charity after they or customs held it for like two months. They did not get back to me after that. Sad.

You can send them a message at

Tracking an EMS Package

If you have a tracking number (usually starts and ends with two letters), you can check the delivery status either on the online tracking tool from the originating country or on the PhlPost website. For example, if your package was shipped from South Korea, you can track it through the Korea Post website. If from Japan, you can track it through Japan Post website.

I’m not confident with PhlPost’s tracker or website due to frequent downtimes and delayed updates. That’s why I recommend the tracker from the originating country.

Three Common Delivery Statuses

Online EMS Package Tracker - PHNot sure about the meaning of the delivery status on the tracker? Here are three of the common ones that may anger or excite a recipient: :)

  • Arrival at inward office of exchange: The package is in the Philippines, probably at Central Mail Exchange Center (CMEC) in Manila or whatever. It will undergo customs examination before it is released and forwarded to a local post office.
  • Customs Clearance: Uh oh! The package needs to be examined for possible taxes and duties (50/50). This causes dilemma or frustration to some. You have to wait a week, or worst, months for this process to be completed. If you are residing in Manila, you can go to CMEC with or without an invitation or notice in the mail to claim your package. Just bring two valid IDs and funds?. An authorized representative is OK, but an authorization letter is required.
  • Departure at inward office of exchange: Yey! The package is released or will be forwarded to the local post office who will fulfill the door-to-door delivery, though it’s up to them. So, it is possible that they will contact you to pick it up. There is a delivery or whatever fee per package. Not just sure with the exact amount. If there’s a tax to pay, you’ll be notified.

Where’s CMEC?

Here’s their address:

  • Central Mail Exchange Center, Philippine Postal Corporation, Domestic Road, 1300 Pasay City Metro Manila, Philippines

Use Waze or Google Maps to check the location or distance from your place.

I’m not sure if this is indeed true, but I was informed last February by PhlPost that recipients from Manila or Mega Manila are required to pick up their held packages from CMEC (those stuck in customs). The first question that popped up in my brain was β€œDo people from southern islands fly to Manila just to get their packages?” Hmmmm.

PhlPost email response

If you don’t know: EMS, an abbreviation for Express Mail Service, is a type or a brand of delivery service. It is not a private company like FedEx, DHL, or UPS. Packages sent through EMS, locally or internationally, is managed by PhlPost.

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P.S. Should you need assistance, feel free to email me here. Make sure that your email address is valid if you want to hear from me. If you want, you can also inquire through the comments section below. You may also read the inquiries from other readers.

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Update ko Lang po ung pinadala sakin na documents until now wala pa Rin po June 24 enroute to delivery office maki update man po ako subrang importante po KC sakin nun please thank u ..eto po tracking number EN174095768JP

Goodmorning i am going to visit my husband and im waiting my visa and other documents from japan untill now my documents im not received this few days almost more than 5days what happen .. This is my ref.EN142636060JP my husband is get mad of this

July 7 pa posting item ko..tapos july15 nagupdate na on the way to destination July 26 update..on the way pa din..gaano po kagatagal..needlaman Nang package ko#ee195991601ph

Hello po it says in tracking nandito na ang parcel sa Philippines pero hindi pa rin na dedeliver sa bahay. Pano po mag update ng parcel for delivery? please answer me

Hello po it says in tracking nandito na ang parcel sa Philippines pero hindi pa rin na dedeliver sa bahay. Pano po mag update ng parcel for delivery?

Is there any possibility na nasa local office na po ba ang mail ko? Enroute to delivery office na po sya pero nung pinuntahan ko sa PHLpost office dito samin ang sabi sakin tatawagan daw nila ako. Napaka importante po nung laman nun and I need it po asap. Ito Po tracking number: RZ981188056GB

hello good afternoon how do i get my package in ems na hindi nila q contact?can u reply on me ..nag punta q sa pasig but wala dun ems

Hello. I sent package to La Union. Already 2weeks no update. I’m worried my package. I live in Japan, so I can’t go to Manila now. I sent mail, and messenger to PHLPOST, but no reply. Should I contact Japan EMS and asked to check?
Please help me po.

Returned from Customs (CUSTOMS STATUS: Import authorized) 8/27/2020 1:42:49 PM PHILIPPINES
Held by Customs 8/27/2020 11:01:17 AM PHILIPPINES
Item for Customs examination 8/27/2020 10:50:54 AM PHILIPPINES
Receive at country of destination 8/14/2020 4:21:50 PM PHILIPPINES
Dispatch to country of destination 8/13/2020 9:30:00 AM Japan

Hi im a lawyer and i think EMS is a big scam. There are vultures in the post office and customs who devour the packages and finds way to make moneybout of it. These afe fovernment employees and can be criminally charged for corruption . They delay and refuse to release package for ill motive the publis is at their mercy they are thieves and scammers and i intend to report their modus operandi. To think thay the sender paid good money for the shipment. This is not ordinary mail. They can be criminally charged cor corrupt practices or under the revised penal code

Hi! I tracked my parcel and it says “Item returned from import Customs” since July 14. It’s been there for weeks. I sent them an email and tried calling them, but got no answer. The destination is in Angeles City Pampanga

Tracking number EG696523467JP

Hi, please help my tracking number is EG677194732JP it says held in destination import office Manila since July 16, 2020. So worried already.

Same here, from Tokyo also its been there since Aug the 13th. Upon tracking it also says “Held in destination import office – Manila”

I have the same problem.. mine is from Korea. tracking says its been held in destination import office manila since August 13th.. destination is baguio😒😒

Tracking no. EF 951 267 489 JP was sent last April 01, 2020, from Yotsuya Tokyo, Japan. Kindly track this parcel it is an important document. I’ve been trying to call directly to EMS but the line was always busy and nobody answers the phone.

If you can go out and drop by your local post office handling EMS, you may check the parcel there. If contact information is available online, you may get in touch with them first.

Hello, please I badly need to know when can I accept or get my package from Japan. The last update about it was this:
Unsuccessful delivery (REASON: Insufficient / incomplete / incorrect documentation)

That was last June 17.
It was sent last May 25 from Tokyo, Japan and it’s been a month since then.

I went to my local post office (San Jose City, Nueva Ecija) but they said that they haven’t received any package from Japan. I left my contact info so that they can contact me. Can you please give me an answer why I haven’t received it?

Hello po. Nakalagay po sa tracking ko nung July 9 “Held at destination import office” – Manila. What does it mean po? Hindi pa din po kasi nadating yung parcel ko.

upon trackingmy parcel yesterday is says “departure from inward office of exchange – PHMNLB” then today july 10, it says “Arrival at office of exchange- PHZONE1” what does this mean?

Good day.
I would like to ask when are you going to deliver our parcel sent from Japan last April 01, 202. It’s been a month now and we have not yet received the package. It is an important document. I was trying to call your phone but all the contact no. you posted on your website was always busy and out of service.

EG734721638JP and EJ 761 449 168 JP
Ìtem History: EG734721638JP
Event Date Time Location
Enroute to delivery office 4/20/2020 1:10:11 PM PHILIPPINES
Dispatch to country of destination 4/19/2020 6:30:00 PM Japan
Dispatch item to destination country 4/19/2020 3:20:00 PM Japan
Receive item at origin country gateway 4/19/2020 3:19:00 PM Japan
Receive at the country of destination 4/19/2020 2:32:09 PM PHILIPPINES
Posting of item 4/17/2020 4:38:00 PM Japan

Ìtem History: EJ761449168JP
Event Date Time Location
Unsuccessful delivery (REASON: Insufficient / incomplete / incorrect documentation) 4/25/2020 1:54:55 PM PHILIPPINES
Enroute to delivery office 4/24/2020 10:31:44 AM PHILIPPINES
Receive at the country of destination 4/23/2020 6:53:59 PM PHILIPPINES
Dispatch to the country of destination 4/23/2020 9:30:00 AM Japan
Dispatch item to destination country 4/23/2020 6:20:00 AM Japan
Receive item at origin country gateway 4/22/2020 7:45:00 PM Japan
Posting of item 4/22/2020 1:40:00 PM Japan

Parcel nasa manila na noong may 6,until now d pa ako natawagn update naman kailangam ko po angblaman ng pacages..

Hello, Please update you EMS inquiry. It says 2012, outdated..I have an EMAIL/PACKAGE that was sent here in the Philippines from Japan. The said date was March 27, 2020. I don’t recieve yet. Please reply or email

Since may ECQ, I dunno if CMEC along domestic road is open today, pero Google said na it’s open until 5pm. If possible, you can drop by there. Most likely, andyan β€˜yan. If the sender addressed the package or mail to you, dala ka ng valid ID.

Hi i am Deaf i would to favor you there have found parcel this is tracking number UA669742091US.. Too long not arrive my home almost 2months..Kindly you response to me.. Asap

do I get notice if the package had arrive? The tracking number is EI2059744322IN. i Tried contacting the 2 numbers, 854 5467 and 854 3580 (note i add # 8 before the first dgit) but no one answers.

Why my document that i send to my employer is not yet diliver they said unsucesfully how the addres is correct

Hi! My package’s current status is “Held at Inward Office of Exchange” after being “Returned from import customs”. So it was like “Inward office of exchange —-> Customs —-> Inward office of exchange”. Wanted to know if this means the recipient needs to go there and settle something or just wait for it to arrive in Baguio-where it is destined to be. Hoping for your answer. Thanks!

Na receive mo na po ba ang parcel mo? Ganyan di nangyari sa parcel na ipinadala ng asawa ko ngayon eh β€œHeld at Inward Office of Exchange” . Hindi ko alam anong gagawin kung step to follow up.

Hi may i ask what is the meaning of this in my package?
13/07/2019 10:19 Returned from Customs (CUSTOMS STATUS: Import authorized) Manila
13/07/2019 10:21 Held at destination import office Manila

Helli ask ko lang po kung nakuha nyo na package ? Ganyan din po kasi status ng sakin ngayon. Thanks in advance.

Hello po. Ask ko lang po ano yung next happened nung ganyan nakita nyo sa status ng package nyo?. Kasi ganyan po lumabas sa package ko.. first time lang po nangyari yan sakin

Hi can anybody help me track my item,EE182831022PH,it was sent from Baguio to US on May3,2019 and it still in Philippines until of today,i am not sure whats going on,please help.

Good day!
I have a package from US and according to tracking sites, the status is “Foreign Receipt, Philippines” so I’m kinda assuming that it is now here in the country since April 2. Since then, no such updates or whatever. Update on PHLPost’s still March 30. Where do you guys think it is as for now?

Hi can please someone help us to trace the status of my parcel it was shipped from Manila Philippine Post office last Nov 20, 2018 bound to Russia but till now we don’t have any updates about the parcel we don’t know where is not now?! RR076425535PH

Hi, I have an item that arrived last July 4, 2018.

Arrival at inward office of exchange
Jul 4 14:14
Handling office

Departure from inward office of exchange
Jul 9 14:35
Handling office

I would like to know if I can pick up the item already at their office or will it be delivered to my house?
Is there a number I can call & a person you can refer me to? I’ve been calling their office several days now but no one’s answering.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Jerry,
I sent a package by Priority Express (3 to 5 days) USPS Boston, Ma USA to Manila. Tracking shows arrived Dec 28th in Manila being processed to destination. My gf in Manila says it is holiday today Rizal Day. There is no way she can get it today and she needs to wait for next week? The package has Christmas gifts.

Hi, I was just wondering, do you know the delivery times of PhilPost?. I’ve got an item sent from the UK via Royal Mail International signed last Dec 9, and according to their tracking site, it says that it’s already in Manila being processed for delivery. Do you by any chance know, how long will it take for them to deliver to my house? I live in Greenhills. Thanks!

A package sent through Royal Mail International Signed should only take 5 to 7 business days to complete the delivery (like a normal EMS package). You may try contacting the local post office in your area, and check if they have the package pending for final delivery. If they don’t have it as of the moment, you may try contacting EMS department in CMEC Pasay. Their office is close tomorrow until the 4th of January.

I regularly send items to PH via Royal Mail and delivery times just get longer and longer. When I started my packages would take 3 weeks to arrive in Cebu City. This has slowly stretched out to 3 months and the latest one still hasn’t arrived after that time. The upside is that everything does arrive, just seems to take forever. My friend there is very pro-active, calls the local post office regularly, goes down there herself etc. when something is due/overdue. They’re very helpful but the blockage appears to be in Manila. When my friend from Cebu stayed with me last year, she was amazed that something I bought for her on Ebay arrived the next day ;-)

Hi Jerry,
I used EMS to send my documents to Canada last December 22. Their trace and tracking page is down, and I worry that my package does not get delivered by December 31 (the deadline for my visa application). Can you help me track it?

Hi. Is it possible to send an item like cellphone bound to Taiwan? What are their guidelines for sending a parcel? Is the post office in the Q.C. City Hall the same with EMS? Ty!

As per your initial question, yes you can, however with all those bad comments about PhilPost, I’d rather not send such precious item through EMS. Better entrust your item with FedEx or DHL. Also, EMS is handled by PhilPost. If the post office in Quezon City Hall is operated by PhilPost, then you can ship an item via EMS.

Hi Jerry, The parcel I sent to PH has finally arrived in the country according to the Parcelforce (UK) website tracker. What it actually says is “DELIVERY AGENT-MANILA-PTT”. Firstly, do you have any idea what the PTT means? No help on their site. There was some concern at one point when the package appeared to have got lost with no specific location offered on the Parcelforce site. The recipient asked Philpost if they could track it only to be told that Philpost don’t deliver Parcelforce’s packages. From what I read here that seems to be incorrect information as both are part of EMS. The Philpost track and trace site is currently down so no use. If I use the “generic” EMS tracking sites they just link back to Parcelforce and it’s extremely vague message above.

Nope, I do not have any idea what PTT is. When was the package sent to the Philippines? As far as I know, packages sent from Parcelforce UK are fulfilled by PhilPost locally. They are the one handling EMS packages. The receiver may contact CMEC (Central Mail Exchange) in Manila via phone or email. OR, better call as well the nearest PhilPost office in the area to check if they have the package in their possession. I can contact PhilPost for you though to verify the whereabouts of the package. You can send me a copy of the tracking number.

Thanks for your quick reply Jerry, and the very kind offer though my friend will be contacting the places you suggest herself tommorrow.

I Googled further after asking you the question and wherever people queried EMS tracking their cut and pasted tracking information had PTT on the end if the package had reached it’s country of destination. No-one had queried this though and I’m still no wiser.
Thanks again for your help.


When can we get the documents from Malawi Embassy in Tokyo, Japan?. The documents was sent last December 18, 2014. I’m trying to call them no one’s answering the phone.

We need the documents this December 30, 2014. We cannot travel without the documents.

Any one to help me.

Thank you

Hi. A friend of mine studying in the UK sent me a small parcel (1kg) via Royal Mail’s international signed for airmail service. As of the time of writing, the tracking status we got from Royal Mail is: Your item, posted on 06/12/14 has been passed to the overseas postal service for
delivery in PHILIPPINES.

My question is, since this is an international signed for parcel, would PhilPost deliver the package right at my doorstep? Or would I still need to go to the post office to claim it myself? I read in another site that the delivery man usually does 3 delivery attempts and, if the recipient is not present during those times, a delivery claiming notice is left instead.

Thank you!

Hi, My mommy’s package has a gadget and was sent last Dec. 24, 2014. She told me it will be here in the Phils. in 3 days and someone will call me if I will pick it up, or they’ll deliver it, but until now, I didn’t receive any calls or texts from the office and we have no idea if where the package is. What should i do?. Thank you.

Did you already track the package? PhilPost’s tracker is currently down. You may track it using the tracker from the originating country.

Note: CMEC is open today. You may try calling their office to inquire.

My aunt’s package was sent last December 18, 2014 from Japan, but until now, she haven’t received the package yet. She’s from Novaliches, QC.


Is there a work schedule on December 25th 2014 Thursday at CMEC? It is not indicated on your post about holidays. Only Mondays to Fridays.

Thank you!

Hi, A friend of mine send a package from Taiwan and he said the package arrived in Manila last April 24, 2014. But the problem is I’m from Davao City, Philippines, what are the ways and options to get my package? I’m trying to call them but it doesn’t work. I appreciate your help, thanks!

Hi. A notice card just arrived today from EMS, and the one who delivered it said we should go to the main office which is at Pasay, and should be ready for some payment. Do I really have to go to Pasay? And, I don’t have here any valid IDs, can a representative claim it?

If he advised you to go there, then you should (unless you live in a province). I think you can send a representative to pick up the item, however, I’m not sure if there are requirements. Shoot EMS an email or call them.

Hi can you help me. This is my tracking number: RT199417937HK. I tracked it from another site. It says it arrived last April 23, and is in MNL CMEC AIR. What does that mean? Do i have to go to Pasay to claim my item or will they deliver it to my shipping address which is Batangas? The phlpost track and trace is down cant track it in their site. Thanks!

Thanks for the info. I ordered something from Japan and according to Japan Post, my order is already in Manila and then it says “RETENTION, PH ZONE.

I’m currently studying in Iloilo City and it’s impossible for me to travel to Pasay just to get my package. Will there be a chance that they’ll deliver it to the post office here? Thank you!

If the parcel is addressed in Iloilo, then CMEC will forward it there. No need to travel to Manila. Just wait for customs to release it. The local post office near your place will fulfill the final delivery.

Hi. Please help us with our documents we sent to Manila from Singapore. We sent it last April 11 and the other one was April 15, 2014. Until now, still on hold. What does it mean? and still in processing office. Those are very important documents we sent to our consultant, and they are waiting for it. Please help us what to do.Tracking numbers: ER396702156SG and ER396707860SG. Thanks for your help in advance.

Are you the sender? Did you try to contact SingPost if those packages left the country already? I also saw the same updates upon tracking those two items on SingPost, but unfortunately, I can’t seem to pull out any record on PhilPost side. I’m wondering why no updates yet are posted if those were shipped since last week. PhilPost tracking system should have fetched at least two shipping updates already. First, try to contact SingPost. It’s either those two items are still in Singapore, or PhilPost tracking tool is just delayed.

Hello! I was hoping you could help me with my package RR304418515PH. It has been in the Prepare dispatch to destination country for 6 days, and I was wondering if this is normal, or if there is something I need to do to get it shipped. Thanks in advance, and Have a good day!


Good day to you. I found your post very helpful. Please help me. I’ve been trying to call their office via phone and email but I don’t receive any reply from them. I just want to know how much will be the Shipping Fee for the parcel going to Singapore post that weighs half kilo only?

And if they have office in Quezon City.

Hope you can help me. Thank you.

You can get a ballpark figure on PhilPost website. When I checked it, the rate for half a kilo item is β‚±798. I’m not sure if it is an EMS or, regular airmail rate. Your other option is to drop by at any PhilPost branch in Quezon city.

Can you please help me track my package from Japan. The tracking no is EJ250673583JP. I have been reading other posts about EMS Philippines and some said, customs hold the items until tax is paid. However, I still hope I won’t be paying tax charges as assured by the one who sent me the package. The only item in the box is shoes. Is this chargeable of tax?

Please help me about this. Thanks

Yes. It is. Any item is subject to duty.

My reply might be late, but when I check the shipment status, it says unsuccessful delivery. Did you already receive a notification in the mail? You might pay customs duty.

Generally, it means the package is on the way or already forwarded to the local post office assigned to fulfill the final delivery. However, it’s not always the case. The updates provided on the online tracking tool are sometimes advanced. If my memory serves me right, someone asked the same question before, and upon verifying with EMS, the package was held by customs.


Can you please help me track my package from S. Korea. The tracking no is. EM278003040KR. I used the website you posted for tracking and the status is “unsuccessful delivery” but no reason. I am concerned now because the person who sent me the package said that he used a big box since one of the items is quite large. Does the size matter for it to be held a long time in Manila Post Office? I have been reading other posts about EMS Philippines and some said, customs hold the items until tax is paid. However, I still hope I won’t be paying tax charges as assured by the one who sent me the package.

Do help me about this. Thank you very much!

I don’t think your parcel is still in customs. I also import items from South Korea, and I often see that update. It means the package is already forwarded to the local post office or, it might mean something else. Try to call the post office near your place.

Hi I’m Mitch,
May I know the status of the following waybill#:CD131853752JP, CD131853721JP, CD131853718JP, CD131853735JP, CD131853704JP, CD131853749JP..I’d try to call and email regarding this matter, I can’t contact any of the 4 telephone line. Hope to get feedback ASAP.


I called ems yesterday, they told me that I should call customs because it is still for customs examination. :/ but can I just go to philpost and get my package? Thanks

hi! i sent an EMS document to Brazil last Jan 14, 2014. until now the package hasn’t been delivered. pls tell me what to do. Thanks! EE505600433PH

I checked the status of the package. Unfortunately, there is no update yet in Brazil Post tracking tool. You should email or call EMS to verify the parcel’s whereabouts. The only update I get from PhilPost is “Prepare dispatch to destination country”.

Hi, just want to ask about my package, its been a month now in customs clearance. When it will be deliver to me? Or can I just go to philpost and pickup my package? Thanks. Please help it is very important to me.

Please help me. I sent parcel thru EMS thailand to Philippines last Jan. 16th but until now the recipient haven’t received the parcel yet. I tracked it down already but it says in the tracking result that it has been delivered. How come it has delivered when the recipient not received it yet? Here is the tracking number EE116891254TH


I would like to know your International rates for UK shipment of about 2kg with oil contents, let me know the rates since we will send the products ASAP.



Good morning! I hope u can help me track my sister’s parcel. My sister paid for a supposedly 10-day shipping from Tracy, California last Dec. 26, 2013, destination is Penaranda, Nueva Ecija. Custom Form # CW727558772US. Thanks in advance!

Follow up naman please ng CP 206 735 337 US. As per USPS website tracking, it arrived Manila last January 29, 2014 at 9:27am. What happened na po? Update naman or where to call in Manila to check. Thanks!

foolow up nmn po yung aming parcel which was sent Jan 28 form S. Korea
EM 259309441
we would like to know the where about and situation of the pack
thank you

As per Philpost tracking tool, the parcel was dispatched to provincial office on 1/21/2014 but, Japan Post tracking tool showed the item was held for customs examination on 1/22. For clarification, you should either call EMS or shoot them an email.

I would like to follow-up on the following package: RJ666490986GB
Based on tracking, it arrived last Dec 27 and was “Enroute to delivery office” since January 2. I haven’t received any notification yet, even though it’s been more than a month since the package arrived and it was sent via 1st class mail. It contains books which I need for a subject I’m taking and I really need them since we’ll have an exam next week. Please advise.

gud pm!eh follow-up ko lng ang padala ko kung dumating na po,kc november,19 ko pa na padala sa laspinas city,sa kapatid ko ky juna baisa,thank you na umaasa po ako sa inyo at i need to help!!!

gandang umaga po, ask ko lang po sana if nasa inyo po ung nahold n pdala ng nanay ko,,na para po sana s kapatid ko na si LEA ANN BENTILLO,,,,pinadala ng nanay q n si LEONILA GANO…at ska pwde ko po b mkuha contact no. nio..thanks po..ilang mg 2wiks n po kc xang nhold…umaasa po aq sa tulong nio..

Good Morning po Sir/ ma’am , pwd poh bang mag patulong mag 3 weeks n poh un box ng ems ng kapatid ko .nasa customs dw po Bka pwd nmn po kming matulongan sir / ma’am eto p un tracking no# ng kapatid ko EG232981849JP please nmn po umaasa poh kmi , from JAEN NUEVA ECIJA THANKYOU po :)

halo,ask ko lan bkit dikopa na recieved package ko,since aug28,2013….3days langdaw but wla pa until now,from japan po,kung meron eto my contak num,09982805138,,,naka adres po un sa ,,,,seawage pusuk,lapulapu city ceby 6015,,,,hope na matanggap ko na po dis week,

Wala pa po ba ung balita about dun sa parcel na nasend nung July 26, 2013??…CJ178958251US more than a month na po gagamitin ko po sa school ung laman ng parcel na ung…sobrang nakakapagtaka nmn po kc ung ksabay nyang parcel matagal na pong natanggap..bkit po ito more than a month n po wala p po…ano po ba ang nangyari bkit til now nsa custom clearance pa po???..
Priority Mail International Parcels
Customs Clearance
August 9, 2013, 12:57 pm
International Parcels
Processed Through Sort Facility
August 5, 2013, 11:16 am

hi ask ko lng po if bat di ko pa narereciv ung package ng pinsan ko galing thailand aug 17 pa nya pinadala till now wla pa sabi sa EMS Thailand 7 days nasa pinas na till now wla parin pero sabi sa tracking nasa pinas na..pls help nmn po

Priority Mail International Large Flat Rate Box # CJ 178 958 251 US (Sequence Number 1 of 2) pakicheck po kung asan n po to..thanks po

Ako din ung package ko since july 26 p nsend..2 parcels un..ung isa nkuha ko..ngtataka eh sabay lng cla nsend..hanggang ngaun wala p..wondering kung ano na nangyari..??bakit ganun ??? sa tracking nung aug 5 2013 andto n..ano po ba ang dahilan bkit til now wala p po…

hi pde q ba mlaman if merun kayong ems office sa pangasinan,pde q po ba mkuha ang address nyo at contact no sa pangasinan.tnx

Hi! Ako din il ang days ng tumatawag pero laging busy, once nakaconnect ka naman napuputol. Yun package Ko intransit since August 14 galing San Francisco, suppose to be 3-5days Lang. Until now walang feedback. EI800345326US. Sabi ng USPS na dito na daw pero wala naman din update sa USPS site na received na dito sa Phils.

mgandang hapon po..tatanong ko lng po kung dmting n ung package ko galing japan…mylen agravante po ng caloocan city

Calling at 9am is just as bad as any hour of the day. We’re doomed. I should’ve done my research on EMS and Phil Post prior to ordering or shipping. Had I known about the complexity of having it shipped thru EMS-PhilPost, I should’ve just settled for a different shipment or not order online at all. I hope I am wrong about this.

“Barbie says:
August 22, 2013 at 11:23 pm
The first number is ringing. But they don’t answer. Why is that? Then when I redial it, it’s busy already. But when it’s not.. They won’t pick up.”

Check ko lang po kung nandiyan na ung packages namin galing Japan. Last August 15 pa po ito hinulog. Dalawa box po iyon. AJ197676355JP at AJ197676341JP

Hi! Ask ko lang po, pwede na ba ko mag-claim kahit wala pa ung notice slip? I emailed them the tracking number, though and they said that my mail has been turned over to the Erratic Unit. I don’t understand what that means. Also instructed me to claim at their office. I replied with the question regarding the notice slip and they didn’t answer anymore. May I claim the mail with just the tracking number and a school ID? That’s the only valid ID I have. And is a mail containing just documents taxable? I hope you reply to my query. Thank you! :)

Ask ko lang po, pwede na ba ko mag-claim kahit wala pa ung notice slip?
May I claim the mail with just the tracking number and a school ID?
“Yes you may. It was mentioned in the post”

And is a mail containing just documents taxable?
As per customs policy, all incoming mails are subject for customs examination and possible duties and taxes. I’m not sure with documents but considering if it just plain documents or papers bakit kailangan pang i-tax. You’ll know when you go to their office. :]

“You can drop-by to CMEC Pasay to pick-up your package with or without notice if your EMS package was held in customs.”

Oh, sorry I missed it! :)))
Thanks for the response, I appreciate it so much! :)

“You can drop-by to CMEC Pasay to pick-up your package with or without notice if your EMS package was held in customs.”

Oh, sorry, missed it! :)))
Thanks for the response, I appreciate it so much! :)
I’ll be going there tomorrow and as you said, I’ll have to find out for myself! Goodluck to me!

hello i have my delivery tracking number EE868166977CN, the address entered by my shipper is wrong but the recipient and contact numbers are correct, can you change the delivery address its in the same city. thanks a lot..

Magandang araw po sa mga kinauukulan. gusto ko lang po mag inquire tungkol sa aking ems galing china. Taga Biga Tanza Cavite po ako. Eto ang tracking number EE948091858CN. Kung nandyan na po ang package ko sa office ninyo maaari ko po ba etong pickupin? Kasi mag pipyesta po ang tanza nitong 27-28 at baka wala din pong pasok sa mga kawani doon. Wait ko po ang inyong reply kasi need ko na po talaga ang package ko. maraming salamat po.

Ganun po ba? Kasi noong friday nagpunta ang frend ko doon sa post office ng china , doon po sa pinag send nya ng package for inquire at sabi po ng kinauukulan doon na dumating na daw sa pinas ang package nitong nkaraang friday ng hapon po. Kaya po ako nag post. Sir sakali pong dumating na ang aking package pwede nyo po ba akong itext sa number na eto 09179628916. Thanks po ng marami.

hi ako po c arlene collado,gsto kolang mlaman kung nanjan napo ba ung package galing japan. tga tanza, cavite po ito. ksi nung sunday pa po un nahulog. thank you po!

Hindi ko naman macontact lahat busy tapos yung isa nag riring nga kapag sinagot hinahang naman. Ano ba yun 5 days na hindi na dedeliver yung package ko

The first number is ringing. But they don’t * answer. Why is that? Then when I redial it, it’s busy already. But when it’s not.. They won’t pick it up. * it.

Good Morning May i Know what is the status of this shipment hir is the tracking number EE942303090CN sobrang hirap kumontak sa kanila since lastweek

Hi, can you please help me track EE696461144CN? I was able to track it from the postal origin but not in the destination (philippines). The parcel contents are really important. Please

The parcel was dispatched to the distenation country on 8/19/2013 4:05:00 PM but as per EMS China, the parcel left the country on the 18th.

PhilPost tracking system hasn’t updated yet. No information was provided that the parcel already arrived in Manila.

At least 1.5 hour is the average time you need to spend now when claiming a package in EMS near the domestic airport. Roughly 3 years ago, you need to spend almost half a day to wait to clear and received your package. They somehow improved on their process but still i think this is not a good customer service. You will notice and get furious on how slow they do their jobs, specially those who porter guys who carry your package from the warehouse to the claiming area. They spend a lot of time just talking to each other and eating. You will notice there a small thin man, without teeth, one of the porter who seem to be very lazy. My impression is that he waits for someone who can give him a tip so he will look for their package first. Note to everyone, don’t go there if it is already around 3pm since they will no longer entertain you. Though 5pm is their office hours they have a cutoff around 3pm or 3:30pm.

Please send information regarding EMS rates from Philippines to the GEORGIA USA and DUBAI. THE PACKAGE CONSIST OF 10 TO 11 HANDY BAGS
Can you please assist and advise rate. I need to advise my client how much will the package cost and also the transit days. Appreciate your immediate response to this comment and request. THANKS!

Please send information regarding EMS rates from Philippines to the USA. Total packages at 62 kgs to be sent to JIM MARVIN ENTERPRISES LTD, INC.
Can you please assist and advise rate. I need to advise my client how much will the package cost and also the transit days. Appreciate your immediate response to this comment and request. Thank you. Sincerely…Anna Jariel

Currently, PhilPost site is down so we won’t be able to check the mail rate as well. I tried checking if I can get access to Philpost PDF file even if the site is down, but to no avail, the file is unavailable as well.

Try to e-mail EMS. They might be able to give you the information you need.

Hello po,I dont know happened to my package EE502596669PH bound to Ireland, I track the package but it said its not registered or cannot find it. I contacted the customer service but the answer is sort of a guess? “BAKA nadelay sir”, kahit ako maiisip ko un, ang tanong ko is asan na at hindi nia masagot – is that what you call customer service? d pa nila sabhin if makakarating po ito sa destination nia o hindi, I sent it last July 11, halos mag 1month na and the delivery should only be 1week, nagbayad ako ng 1week delivery dapat ibigay nila ang value ng binayad namin if hindi i refund nlng sana at balik ang package pede kaya ganun? malaking perwisyo na gnwa nila, galit na ung pinag sendan ko, puti p nman un. If this will not resolve next week san po pedeng i escalate ito? dapat matanggal na ung mga taong d gngwa ang trabaho nila.

Hi.nagpadala po ako ng ems from japan to mandaluyong tracking no. EJ189004499JP July 12 pa po.accourding sa tracking still in Customs Noong July 15 pa.when po ito maifforward sa poat office & maiddeliver? Thank you!

Gaano po ba katagal bago iforward sa Bataan kc ng email po aq NASA erratic unit daw po pnakukuha nila doon sa pasay branch di po malayo un Kung sa Bataan pa nktira ung kukuha ifoforward po ba un o Kung Hindi kukunin don ganun nlng actually send Nya po sa akin un binalik ng post office Israel dhil may Bawal daw na items ngaun 1 week na Anjan d pa rin naifoforward sa Bataan. Bkit po ganun ang Tagal na po nmin ng aantay. Please give action with this. Eto tracking number EE500351615PH! Tnx po

May tumawag po sa friend ko last sat july 13 taga ems daw sabi nasa customs na daw yung box namin. Until now wala pa din po yung box sa local post office. Sabi sa tracking nasa cmec ems na daw. Pano po makuha yon at ilang days.

pkitrack naman po yong pindala documents lst july 2 pa but until now wala p din EE504508684PH papunta Australia need n po kc yan this week .pls lng po!!! thanx.

Tried to trace it in UAE Post website ‘No Record Found’

Still, PhilPost Web tracking tool is down.

My advise – Contact EMS directly.

Sir/madam, ask lng nmin bkt until now dp dumating sa kapatid ko sa UAE… ung document na pinadala nmin, dispatch n cya last July 2. kelangan n ung dokumento.pls. reply

Better ask EMS directly.

I never experienced sending a parcel abroad via EMS.
OR, wait for anyone to reply on your comment.

May 2 parcels ako from Australia. Pinadala at natanggap sila dito sa Pilipinas noong June 18 pa. A week after that sinubukan kong i-track yung items ko. Walang bagong update sa package ko kundi still in the next office.Customs daw yun. Halos araw araw nag email ako sa EMS para sa update pero wala pa din. Ganun ba katagal bago mag clear ang customs? Maliiit na parcels lang ito (2x underwear each parcel) nakaka inis lang sa tagal! Gusto ko na nga pumunta dyan sa EMS office nila. Paano ba from Cavite? Kung hindi lang ako manghihingayang sa binayad ko, hahayaan ko na lang sana kaya lang Php1,300/parcel din yun.

If I have pending parcels sa EMS, hinahayaan ko lang mag-stay ang package for 7 days sa side ng customs. Alam ko un ang standard “dapat”

Pero on the 5th day, I’m sending spam emails to them na. I’m also calling them. ‘Pag alam nila na frequent caller ako, i-aasikaso nila agad yon kaya 1 week lang sa customs palagi parcels ko. There are times naman na surprise na lang na naiforward na ung item sa post office with TAX.

In your case, do you email lang them ba? Did you try to call them them as well?

If you want to drop by in their office, pwede naman, agahan mo nga lang ang punta. A map is provided in the post.

I went to CMEC Office yesterday before lunch time. Nag antay ako hanggang 1pm then I was asked to proceed to the receiving area and look for a certain staff. Nakausap ko naman yung staff at maayos naman syang kausap. Sabi nya ipe-present pa daw sa Customs yung items ko kaya lang wala sila sa office nila yesterday kaya it will be today. Sabi nya he will text me kapag na ipresent na sa Customs para malaman ko kung magkano ang Tax Due if ever. Hindi daw sila nagre-release dun kaya ipo-forward nila sa Local Post Office as soon as possible. Actually tatawagan ko sila mamaya para malaman kung ano na ang update. Kukulitin ko na kase matagal ko na inaantay yung items na yun. It was suppose to be a wedding gift to a friend who got married two weeks ago. Super late na.

Update: Tomorrow, my stuffs will be with CMEC office for EXACTLY one month. I’m starting to lose my patience na nga. I’d been there last week. They located my stuffs. I was advised na by Friday last week, dedeliver na nila bilang hindi daw pwede na ako na mismo ang mag collect sa receiving area. I called twice. I e-mailed numerous time which none was responded to. Kada tawag ko naman puro hingi ng pasensya ang naririnig ko. Kesyo aasikasuhin na daw at tatawagan na lang daw ako ng staff nila. NOTHING like that ever happened to me. Kapag hindi pa dumatingnyung items ko sa Friday – puountahan ko na ulit sila sa Lunes.

hi gud am. heres my tracking number EE502404390PH last june 10, 2013 q pa poh pinadala yan bakit poh until now wla pa rin poh s UK. kelangan n kelangan n poh yan this july 6, 2013. nagbayad poh aq ng mahal pra ma send ng 4-5 days lang pero bakit poh until now wla pa rin poh ung parcel? mag 1 month n poh yan naun july 10, 2013. tinatrack q n poh ng maraming beses pero ang lumalabas lang lagi PREPARE DISPATCH TO DESTINATION COUNTRY pero nun june 14, 2013 pa yan nkalagay until now ganyan pa din nakalagay…. sana nmn ayusin nio nmn poh yan… importante poh kasi. nakakaasar lang kasi ang mahal ng binayad tapos di napadala sa TAMANG ARAW.

ilang beses n poh kami tumatawag sa EMS pinagpapasapasahan lang kmi. anu na poh ba ang dapat nming gawin? kelangan n kelangan n tlaga un this july 6. sna nmn matulungan nio nmn kami. kelangan ba d2 my kakilala muna sa government bago nio tulungan? kng gnun lng ang basehan nio d2?

It’s their problem if they are beating around the bush. As much as I wanted to help you but just so you know, I’m not an employee of EMS. Sila’t sila lang din makakatulong sayo dyan.

Zoie, just so you know, this is just a thread of message – hindi empleyado ng PhilPost ang may ari ng site na ito. Nag se-share lang sya ng info base sa mga nangyari sa kanya at binbigyan nya din tayo ng tulong by tracking posted Tracking number kahit hindi nya naman kailangan gawin yun.

Now, I tried to track your stuff as well however down and tracking system nila now. I suggest that you track your stuff by going to: or yung sa PhilPost mismo:

EE 307 406 423 PH pls track this.destination yan po japan from binalabagan, neg occ po pro until now wala pa last monday pa po yan pinadala.iniquire na nmn sa local offce ng binalbagan napadala na dw.track k po sa japan post – item not found po.bakit kya.napaka importante po un at minamadali kya nga pjnadala tru EMS.pllsssss

Paanu kung mali ung name ng receiver sa noticed card magkaka problema ba pag clinaim na yung package? Eh sa noticed card wla nmang nka indicate kung sinu yung sender…….anung pdeng action dyan?….

Do you have a pending EMS package ba? Kung mali ang name sa notice, that’s fine. It’s their fault. Pwede mo pa din naman i-claim ang parcel as long as ikaw ang receiver at i-veverify naman nila un.

yes sir meron, tumawag din aq s hotline nyo sbi skin ng nkausap ko kylangan ko daw iadvice ung sender pra Eemail ung correct name dyan. Pero ang problem de nmin alam whos the sender is. Sabi p ng girl kinopya lang nmn dw yung name sa box kya ang possible daw n nagkamali ay yung sender..

6/3/2013 5:46:00 PM Customs information ITALY

I can’t verify the same information with Italian Post tracking website. My antivirus says the site isn’t safe. If you have a way to call them then better get in touch with them directly.

Hello,,can i ask if pwedeng pumunta nalang ako sa main post office to get my package? I’m expecting a package from USPS for over a month now, my package is for custom clearance now.

Ahh tumawag kami nasa customs pa din daw :( May 23 pa kasi yung status na Turn-over item to next office. wala pa din progress.

5/15/2013 3:00:00 AMDispatch to country of destination
UNITED KINGDOM5/23/2013 8:54:58 AMReceive at country of destination
PHILIPPINES5/23/2013 12:16:34 PMTurn-over item to next office

Hi Sir, pano po kapag ganito yung status? Turn-over item to next office. under pa din po siya sa customs?

e03638904ae pki check ang tracking na yan kung san pdeng kunin nalang ung pndala kasi nkakahiya nmn kung kayo pa mgddeliver db baka gastos lng ,,

anu ang address sa pinas at contact no. ksi need na ung documents almost 1month na un till now wala pdn bukas na ang alis ng kapatid ko,,

e03638904ae..yan ang tracking no. ng kapatid ko,< almost 1month n nghhintay sya sa pinas sa documents. this coming thursday flight nia ,, pki check nmn kung anu ang status,

good day! ask ko lang ung padala saken, from Japan .. 1 week na ksi sya today pero wala pdin. ano na nangyari?

hello good day! Gusto kolang sana itanong kung umaabot ba ng mahigit isang buwan ang package via usps. I was checking my package and since may 4 ,custom clearance parin. The package was sent April 16. Tumawag nako sa local post office dito sa pampanga, wala pa ang package, tumawag nako sa CMEC kinuha ang tracking number nasa custom clearance nga daw. Binigyan ako ng contact numbers to call para itanong daw ang package hindi naman macontact, ang dami kong nababasang negative comments na hindi nila narereceive ang mga package nila. Meron ba talagang gantong pangyayari? i get worried na hindi korin mareceive ang package ko.

saan poh ba pinaka malapit na EMS dito sa NUeva Ecija?.. sa local post office po ba meron nun? salamat. – rowena

ν† μš”μΌμ€ 근무기간이 μ•„λ‹Œκ°€ λ³΄κ΅°μš”… CMECμͺ½μ—μ„œ κ³ μ§€μ„œλ₯Ό μ²­λΆ€ν•˜μ§€ μ•Šμ•˜μ„λ•Œμ—λŠ” κ·Έλƒ₯ 솑μž₯번호만 λ“€κ³  κ°€μ„œ 물건을 λ°›μ•„ 올 수 μžˆλ‹€κ³  λ“€μ—ˆλŠ”λ°.. λ§žλ‚˜μš”?

hi may i know how much po customs charge for an 80usd dental micromotor machine weighing 2.8kg from china?ang mahal sa fedex..

Hi good day,

Pinadala yung documents ko from lyceum northwestern university,dagupan city,pangasinan going to nursing counsil wellington ,new Zealand.noong march 13,2013.with tracking number EE303355071ph. bakit status ng package ko is transit to new Zealand untill now? express mail po ,please I need your action to track or trace where my package as soon possible that is very important.
,thank you very much!!!

Good day
Pinadala ng friend ko ang mga documents last may 13 from thailand at hanggang ngayon ay di ko pa ito natanggap.
Ito ang tracking number niya
Nakapangalan sa akin
Floresa OcceΓ±a
Please, I need your response.
I badly needed the documents ASAP
i trust EMS

hello po customs post office . ng padala po ako nong april 17 .dumating po sa pinas ng april 22 . bakit until now di pa na de del sa taong nakapangalan lagi ako ng tatanong d2 sa israel asa pinas na daw bakit ganyan mga emplyedo sa pinas …pano kmi makakaulit na mag papadala sa post office kung ganyan angs sestima ninyo?

good afternoon nasa local post office na po yung package ko na pnadala from US ng bf q …kaso bakit ako kailangan mgbayad daw ng 2300 para sa costum…plz rply

ask ko lang if dumating na yung package ni malou neri , kasi naholdup ako yung number ko na nasa cp wala na skin so di ko narerecieve yung txt ng ems , gnagamit ng hold uper yung number ko so be aware , thanks


may pinadala kasi sakin papers peron until now wala pa door to door daw yun eh nung last week pa naihulog sabi 3days lang daw matanggap kuna ung pinadala nila but until now wala pa…diko alam kung anu tracking number..Pero ang reciever name is RONALYN GATONG,,address SITIO CALOOCAN BRGY.SULIB PANGIL LAGUNA..

gud pm! ask ko lng ano po ibig sbihin ng enroute to delivery office eto tracking number ko! CP100118988PH ppuntang netherland po ung item ko. pls help me nmn po! tnks!

Hello, I have a small package from Hong Kong, it says from my mail tracking, “Not delivered because no delivery service is avilable for this product
or service at the specified delivery point. Addressee advised to pick
up the item.” ibig ba sabihin nasa Pasay ang item? or is this forwarded sa local post dito sa Baguio? here’s my tracking no. EA155189079HK I hope to get an answer the soonest possible. Thank you very much.

sir, idedilver po b ngayon ng post office yung package, s house nmin?, anong location po ng post office dn l yung package?

kailan po ang posible n deliver nyan? s 544 san juan ext.darangan, binangonan rizal or optional s SM taytay loated at MY PHONE STORE loook for jennifer allam.. my wife…

maari po bang pacheck ng package ko, eto po yung trac. num. EE 153 069 467 CA ,canada post po ito” hanggang ngayon po kc dp narerecieve ng misis ko ito, paki update nmn po ako tungkol d2” pls!”

Please check my package its form korea. I’ve been waiting for so long almost three weeks ng DELAY! hindi naman ma-access and numbers ng Philpost office! . pakicheck lang tracking no. em19704138kr

plz po pk check ung package with trackng CW282072568US send through UPS 4/3/2013 1:22:43pm recieve at country dstnation..yan lang ang last update asan naba yon ngaun hinihintayy na dto yon sa southern leyte gamit kasi yon 4 my baby…

good afternoon tanong ko lang ano na status ng package ko with tracking number cw282072568us dumating po un ng pinas april 3 plang untl now wala pa nasa Hinundayan Southern Leyte po ako nka base….panu ko ba un makukuha saang post office naba ung package ko ngaun……plz po pk update naman ako through my email address…on FB… and my YM

sakin since march 23, 2013 arrived at philippines,
3/23/2013 6:20:00 AMDispatch to country of destination
SINGAPORE3/25/2013 10:57:57 AMReceive at country of destination
PHILIPPINES3/25/2013 11:55:19 AMTurn-over item to next office
up to now april 16 WALA PA DIN!

what does it mean pag “retention”? i have items bought from japan-

april 15-manila philippines 8am
april 16-PHZONE-philippines (retention)

? should i pickem up at the post office? (davao location)

Naghulog po ako ng tab at accessories bakit po kelangan pang magbayad ng receiver sa pilipinas ng halagang 1955pesos?

magandang araw po makikiabala po sana aq ulit sabi po kc sa empost d2 sa uae eh need daw po puntahan sa main post sa pasay nung pinadalahan q at may babayaran p daw po sa custom jan sa pinas bago ma release ung pinadala q san q po ba # q pwedeng kontakin ung manila central mail exchange central express kc sila daw po ang tatawag sa custom kung magkano pa ang babayaran para marelease ang pinadala q thank u po good bless….

ask kolang bakit ganito katagal bago ilabas sa custom ang package ko…
ano bang meron sa isang item na regalo sakin para i hold nyo nang halos isang buwan na…
puede paki check at pa update me sa Monday morning…pupuntahan ko na dyan mismo sa
opisina nyo para malaman ko kung ano ba ang mga dahilan nyo…
by the way friend po ako nang dati nyong director na si Carrie Lazo…
Ito ang details nang package galing Spain
Irene Soriano
No. 9 Cardinal Santos St.
teachers village
Cainta Rizal

paki check ang picture yan ang details ng package na padla sakin…

Hi, I just learned from my ebay seller that they shipped my item through EMS. They gave the following details about the item shipping:

Number:[EE713459770CN] Track and Trace Events
[China] Country/Area Postal Records
2013-03-05 20:17:00 Posting, Location:BEIJING
2013-03-05 20:41:00 Despatch from Sorting Center, Location:yonganluyingyebu
2013-03-05 21:24:16 Arrival at Sorting Center, Location:BEIJING
2013-03-06 00:59:10 Despatch from Sorting Center, Location:BEIJING
2013-03-07 09:44:00 Arrival at Sorting Center, Location:REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES MNL CMEC EMS
2013-03-07 10:39:00 Handed over to Customs, Location:REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES MNL CMEC EMS
[Philippines] Country/Area Postal Records
2013-03-07 9:44:24 AM Receive at country of destination, Location:PHILIPPINES
2013-03-07 10:39:08 AM Item for Customs examination,

This means that the package has arrived here in the Philippines and has been here since March 7, 2013 and I have not received any notice from EMS. I waited this long because I expected them to sent via China post. Where is my package now? Desperately in need of help on this. Thank you.


Good Day!
I would like to get my package from San Diego USA which came from my fiance, Ronald Earl Lindley JR. with a tracking No EI602124684US.

The content of the package: Laptop is a Sony vaio and the screen is 14 inches. There is a receipt in the package with the contact information of my Fiance. He put my address to deliver in the project here in Manila , taft Avenue .Presly Calinog , MLVC &ec inc. tower #2 2310 Taft ave. Malate, Manila 1004. Likewise the status of the item delivered here in the Philippines is subject for Customs examination last April 4, 2013
With this,I have to verify if this package is ready to deliver here in the said address

Your response is highly appreciated.

Thank you so Much.

Presly Calinog
MLVC Engineers & Consultants
The Manila Residences Project 2
2310 Taft Ave.,Malate,Manila


Good Day!
I would like to get my package from San Diego USA which came from my fiance, Ronald Earl Lindley JR. with a tracking No EI602124684US.

The content of the package: Laptop is a Sony vaio and the screen is 14 inches. There is a receipt in the package with the contact information of my Fiance. He put my address to deliver in the project here in Manila , taft Avenue .Presly Calinog , MLVC &ec inc. tower #2 2310 Taft ave. Malate, Manila 1004. Likewise the status of the item delivered here in the Philippines is subject for Customs examination last April 4, 2013
With this,I have to verify if this package is ready to deliver here in the said address

Your response is highly appreciated.

Thank you so Much.

Presly Calinog
MLVC Engineers & Consultants
The Manila Residences Project 2
2310 Taft Ave.,Malate,Manila

Gud day! I would just like to inquire about my package. Tracking number EE036318572AE. I was expecting it last week, no package until now. Thank you so much! They said it was with the customs last april 3 pa po. What should i do now? Should i go to customs to pick it up? Ty

last march 27 pa po ang padala sakin until now wala parin paki check nmn po from paulo sieji nubaro to mark jayson m. edpalinadapat po receive ko na eh 2 weeks na po and 1 day ngaun

hi i just want to follow up the status of my parcel. cj244909325us..last update was on jan15 and it was at customs clearance.until now it wasn’t cleared.tnx

1week n tom.ung hinihintay ko po n padala fr izumi japan nung april4 2013 pa po xa pinadala sna po maasikaso n po xa at marcieve ko n po ang almko kc 2to3 days lng mrrcieve n gaya nung unang padala saken..pakicheck nmn po onegaishimasu arigatou po

hi po ask q lang po kung what n po status ng pinadala q jan sa pinas noong april 4, 2013 ngpadala po kc aq ng relo gift q po un sa fren q na gra2duate ang address po nun sa laguna pero ang unang bagsak daw mo non eh jan sa manila central mail exchange central express d2 q po hinulog sa KALBA POST OFFICE SHARJAH UNITED ARAB EMIRATES pls…..po help nyo po aq e2 po ang tracking # EE031093152AE baka po pwede nyo i check ung status kung nakarating n po ng pinas ung pinadala q thank u po….god bless

hi,i just want to know if ems is shipping cosmetic products to gungahlin australia? and how much would it cost me for 6kgs?

The status of my EMS package from KR(tracking no. EM192484720KR) is “handed over to customs”. Does that mean I should go to the customs now or will there be a notice sent to my house about this?


I’m not sure if EMS process is the same with Fedex’s. I sent last year an item through FedEx and dito pa lang sa Pinas binayaran ko na ung tax instead na ung recepient sa US ang magbabayad. It might be the same. Binayaran na nila ung tax sa IND pa lang why customs here should impose tax again. Parang lugi kayo non if ever.
This is just my two cents.


gud evening.. my inorder po ako galing taiwan last march 31,tapos nag send po cla nang tracking info..the package left taiwan april 3 @ 9:27am,tapos arrival at incoming office manila,phil on april 4, 9:24am,tapos nung april 5 na ang sabi nun sa details “no delivery service on this area” ano po ba ibig sabihin nun? is it still in manila? question ko po lng, door to door delivery po ba 2? or i have to pick it up in our local post office? by the way im from cebu. tracking number po ay EE688339512TW .. hope i can get some clarifications from u..thnx

Good Evening po.. my pinadala po sa akin galing thailand na sulat.. ang sabi sa thailand 4-5 days pwde na pong ma pick up sa antique eh panu wla raw pong ems sa antique dats y sa cebu nila dineretcho.. eh panu un??? kailangan q pung sulat na yon sa thursday.. importante po kc un.. plz help me wat to do.. salamat po.

good morning sir/maam just want to ask about may items that i send since march 26 from singapore tracking # ER 394937825 SG before i pay the parcel i send they told me here that it will take 3 to 4 days only how come till now the reciever havent recieve…….hope you can give me an answer thanks.

Good morning Madame,

Would like to inquire if my mail is already at the EMS office and if possible to pick up within the day before the last day of work? – instead of waiting for the notice, kasi po sa Province pa sya mag mail.

Accdg to the website:
Label Number: CW56 3786 370U S
Processed Through Sort Facility PHILIPPINES 03/25/13 10:23am

Contact the nearest local post office in your place. If they don’t have your parcel in possession, e-mail EMS to verify.

“at alam nyo po ba kung bakit ganun katagal ang philpost?”

I don’t know the reason behind the delay pero expect the unexpected. Hindi ka nag-iisa. Ganyan ang systema ng PhilPost.

pako track naman po hanggang ngayon nasa customs pa din eh mar.21 pa nandito yung package sa pilipinas shet!!! EG226282746JP

Hello Maam,

Need help on item with tacking #RB965895824HK. Last system update in March 1 this year with “turn over item to next office” comment. Its been a month now. Can you help its we’re about?


Hi po, bka pwede nyo po akong matulungan tungkol sa pinadala sa akin nung FEB 25 pa galing germany eto po tracking #RL700000132DE, tried to use the tracking sa philpost ang sabi

2/23/2013 10:37:10 AM Turn-over item to next office
pls help me track kung ano na po nangyari? at alam nyo po ba kung bakit ganun katagal ang philpost? salamat po

hello po..follow upkolng sana un item na pinadala skin galingjapan ang sbi 1weeklng dw un pero wla padin dapat ngayon sya darating po..dito po ako sa marulas valenzuela.. danecca aubrey j. dantes po thanks..

Hello! Tracking# EE866991872CN showed unsuccessful delivery but already in Manila since March 6 and I used Camarines Sur as my shipping address. What will I do and how can I find it? Is it still there in Manila? Please I need your advise because I need the items badly. Thank you very much.

Priority parcel tracking number CW340688966US cleared on costume last Feb 16, until now i didnt get ….. it a priority mail that takes 7- 10 days. its mailed last Jan.30 2013.

I trying to to contact your number posted on here but its no success . Can you help to find out where is right now?


EF 330592680JP
CONTACT # 0297-5906-089

mga two hours po ako nag try tumawag sa numbers na naka post, nag riring naman po pero wla naman nasagot :(, eto po tracking number ko,, can u help me pls

( re 480 555 047 us)

(lc292864694 us)

hi good afternoon.. di ko p rin po naririve ung package ko from Washington USA, eto po ung binigay sa akin na tracking number

( re 480 555 047 us)

(lc292864694 us)

sa pasig po naka address . last december pa po sya pinadala sa akin,,, San po ba ko tatawag to update what happened to it? kindly email na man po sa akin kung san at ano number tatawagan ko ,,

Nasa item for custom examination po sya nong Feb 9 pa.. Pwede bng claim
khit wala png notification letter na binigay ng philpost sa CMEC pasay. Nasa pampanga brach po ako. mahigit 1 mth na nasa custom wala pa kaming Letter o notification.

If ang status sa USPS ay “Arrival at Pick-Up Point” , nasa Philippines na, at cleared na sa customs clearance, anong next task? Dito dapat siya ipapadala sa Batangas City, pero I already checked the Batangas Post Office and there were no sign of my package. Should I go to the central post office of Phil post at Pasay City? What should I do?

Follow ko lang po ung letter document from japan last march 6 pinadala with tracking number EF663768215JP. Salamat po.

bkit wala pa ung ems ko..nong march 5 pa hinulog hanggang ngayon hindi pa nkarting..di sin sanay kahapon pa un..traking no..EF572026686..pls po..

Hi a friend send me a package from NY last Feb 25 and arrive here in the Phil last March 04 but until now i havent receive the package. im from southern leyte. cp918572808us please help me track it thank you


Good afternoon. I’d like to ask on what happen to my package. I tried to track it in the internet then it states that my item is not successfully delivered. What happen to my package? Here is my tracking # EE854162051CN. It was sent from China to Philippines..

here’s my tracking number EE749237165CN and here’s the result when i track it “Your item was not deliverd
successfully(REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES PHZONE7) at 2013-03-06
06:58:00″ can you please explain what’s the meaning of this? this package is for resell and this is my first time using EMS. I changed from DHL to EMS but I don’t think I am going to use EMS again if I will experience bad about this.

Good morning Sir I just want to follow up regarding the package sent last Feb. 27, 2013 from first class package international under customs no. lc746270604US sent from Saipan USA. Sir i need it asap because thats the forms 137 of my kids and school need it urgently. My kids just transfer here in PHIL. ……the envelope or parcel was adressed to Seventh day Adventist Multigrade school San Jose Drive Alaminos City Pangasinan Thank you

sir … madam plss lang paki pollow uf po yong pinadala ko nong february 25 sabi kc d2 doha qatar february 28 darating na dw jan at tinanong ko ren d2 nong isang araw sabi nila anjan na dw sa pinas pro ganon hndi pa ren natatangap ng kapatid ko un ganito ba talaga pag dating jn stin LAHAT NG MGA KASAMA KO NATATANGAP NA NG PAMILY NILA SKIN ALNG HNDI DUMATING SA PATOTONGUHAN e2 po traking number non pindala ko EE110436773QA

gandang gabi sa pinas paki pollow uf naman po ung pinadala ko sa kapatid ko iportanti un plss lang nong february 25 UMALIS d2 qatar piro hangang nguan hndi paren natangap ng kapatid ko ito po traking number EE110436773QA plss lang

Good day po… I would like to follow up the package sent by my friend from Japan, it was delivered to manila last feb 27 but until now di pa rin po dumadating dito sa camsur… eto po ang itme #EG212734106JP…Thanks a lot and we are hoping to receive the package asap.

how many days po makakarating yung USPS priority mail To Cebu City post office po? it’s been a while now since it’s been dispatched from US post office po, mag 6 weeks na po.

gd pm sir. I bought an item last Dec 13 2012 thru Ebay US. the seller said he sent the watch last Dec 14 and it will take 6 weeks to reach Manila. When i was asking for the status, the seller told me he does not have the reference number because it was not an express USPS. how will i track it? it’s been almost 3 months now and i still haven’t received my watch.
Your response is really appreciated.

hi gud day 2 weeks n po ung padala ko sa kapatid ko di pa ho nadating sa kanya sa korea…pki check nman po eto tracking number…EE500642365PH…sn po matulungan nyo ako salamat ho… many days po bago dumating s poast ofiz un ems package from japan?kc b4 po 4days lng nakukuha q na..9days npo ngaun pero wala p din po..bakit po kea ganun..

Thanks po. Nag-reply din po ang customer service ng philpost in about 10minutes after I sent them my query. :)
“Item is being held at the customs of Japan since Feb. 24, 2013”.
Kaya lang di ko pa ma-open ang

Salamat po ulit!

Good afternoon, i would like to know. How can I track a parcel sent through EMS to Japan from PH. Wala kasing akong makitang tracking system sa site ng philpost.
Tracking number: EE 503769374 PH

Ndi sya ems .. Usps.. Na tawagan na cla ng kapatid ko sbi nla once na NSA philipinas na ung package wala na sila dun.. Tpos nakalagay expired na ung date at 10 days nang di inuupdate ng usps

Hi ask ko LNG ano nangyari sa package ko.. January 31 plang customs clearance n nakalagay till now wala pdin..ano kaya pwede kong Gawin? Thanks.. Eto ung tracking no cw373001800us

Hi! may package ako galing US padala ng friend ko as a gift. it was mailed to me last first week of december pa. i was trying to track it pero nkalagay custom clearance. what do u mean by it? inaantay ko ang notice galing post office pero walang dumadating. last time kasi i waited for a notice galing post office and walang dumadating, tapos pinabalik balikan ko sa post ofc, sabi matagal na nadun ung package at pag di mo nakuha with 60 days di na daw ibibigay un.and now ganun din ginagawa ko , binabalik balikan ko din sa post ofc namin pero sabi wala pa raw. ganun ba talaga katagal magpadala ng parcel lang. 2 months na and its just a simple gift.

hi.. can you help me track my package.. galing sa US yung lego playset.. dumating sa sort facility-philippines yung package last feb 14,2013 pero hanggang ngayon wla pa akong na receive na notice galing sa postal office… address ko iloilo city… ref no. cj492024664us..

hi gud day may pinadala po asawa ko galing new york pero hanggang ngayon wala p po nung january 30 p po pinadala lagi ko pong tinatruck araw araw gang ngayon po customs clearance p rin po…e2 po yung tracking no.CP506824976US.. thank you po

gud day po may ipinadala po s akin ung kapatid ko galing canada last december pa po mga 3rd week po,nang nagtrack po ako nakalabas na daw po ng canada..(cc191069105ca)cavite area po ako

i have a small package (RR114788489IL) that was tracked arrived in manila feb 13. and turned over to next office twice, the last time Feb 15, so does this mean its already at the office in pampanga its original destination

Hi. Good afternoon. I would like to ask kung nasaan na yung document na pinadala sakin dito from Japan. Yung tracking number ay EF593040330JP. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much and more powers

i am expecting a package from south korea. here’s the tracking number: EE153738422KR. please lemme know where my package is now and how long it takes to reach to cebu. thanks

Hi. I have a parcel sent from the USA via USPS on January 11, 2013 with tracking number CJ246679576US. Upon checking the USPS website, it said that the parcel has gone through the “sorting facility” in the Philippines on January 21, 2013. I researched online and saw that people can just wait for a parcel notice from the local post office (Delivery address is in Davao City) and then pick up their parcels. Tomorrow will be already 1 month since the parcel left the US but I haven’t received the parcel yet. I also haven’t received any parcel notice. Could you do something to help me track my package within the Philippine postal system? Any and all replies will be appreciated.

hello poh jeniffer magos poh ito mag follow up lang poh ako kung dumating na package namin galing japan kay marilyn goto. 7pcs. box poh iyon! paki txt nlang poh skin kong dumating na. 09081179213 or message you poh aq sa fb. jeniffermagos thankz poh

sir ,maam bkit paki trace lang po yung documents ko papuntang south korea almost 2 weeks n po di pa dumarating….a
bka my contact number po kyo ng post office o ems korea..ito po ang tracking number EE306146320PH

Hello Sir. Down yata ang online tracking service. If you can help me track my package, I will be very grateful po.

here it is: EX008505866SG

Thank you!

GUD MURNING! PLSS . kindly check my ems pinadeliver ko LAST F JANUARY 31, 2013 to ALSAROOG DISTRICT ,AL AIN U.A.E P.OBOX. 1333.. tRACKING NO. EE 503 603 715 PH…

Is it advisable na lapitan ko po post master dito sa baguio? kasi walang ginagawa mga staff dito ng ems. they don’t even bother to call at the main.

Good PM. I am expecting a package with this tracking number – EM171521625KR. It was sent 23rd of January and the last status 24th January- handed over to customs. Pabalik-balik na ako sa office dito samin wala padin, natawagan ko na sa main sa pasay ang sabi lang nag bigay na sila ng advise sa customs na ipasa dito sa baguio. pero wala padin, bakit ganun? nataxan na nga e tapos idedelay pa at ippasa sa customs? at wala man lang notice e may number nman ang addressee sa package!!!! grabe sila.

Hello! A friend sent me a package from Korea last January 29th and it has been “handed over to customs” on January 31st. The tracking number is EM166886597KR. It’s just coffee mix so I’m really thinking if I should still get it due to the unreasonably high tax people seem to be paying. :(

parehas tau. ako nga jan 7 pa ako. hangang ngayun wala pa din. nagtry akong tawagan ung courier ko then sabi nla ang icontact ko daw ung philpost. then unta ako sa local post then svi nla hintayin ko lang daw. eh nung jan 16 pa enroute to delivery office yung status ko until now ala pa din update. Yung local post nga pala na pinuntahan ko nagbgay ng number ng pede kong twagan pag natawagan ko to 028540084 laging no answer or busy ung line.

@a0a9fb8cf4ab700760f166a01fab3ab1:disqus, ang alam ko ung nahold ng custom ang pupunatahan mo muna ung local post kung saan ka nagpadala then ask mo cla.

hello goodmorning po.i’ve been tracking my parcel since pinadala ko yun (january 16,2013).EE108531872MO po tracking #.10 days “held by custom”.tapos ang huling status unsuccesful delivery pa…is it possible na puntahan at itanong sa malapit na post office yun pinadala ko?

Salamat po sa pagsagot.. =)
Usually po ilang days po yan? Kasi Jan. 21 po yang status na yan. Tsaka pahabol lang po panu po magcalculate nang babayaran kong tax? ng sa ganon makapaghanda ako ng pera ang total po lahat2x ng item ko is 160$ kasama na po dyan ang delivery. Pero sa tingin ko send as gift po yun nilagay ng seller ewan ko kung effective pa po yan para medyo makaiwas sa tax.. Thanks!!!

Hi po.. ito po status ng tracking ko

1/21/2013 4:43:31 PM Enroute to delivery office, , PHILIPPINES

1/19/2013 11:35:07 AM Turn-over item to next office, , PHILIPPINES

1/19/2013 9:34:23 AM Receive at country of destination, , PHILIPPINES

1/18/2013 6:20:00 AM Dispatch to country of destination, , SINGAPORE

Mula ng jan. 21 di na po gumalaw anu po kaya magandang gawin? bumili po kasi ako ng tablet online. Pupuntahan ko na po ba sa post office? taga iloilo po ako.

pwde g pong pki tulungan nyo na ma trace kung asn n ung ipinadla kong package non pa pong Septermber 14,sabi po s track and trace e anjan n since October 6,…wla nmn pong notice n natatanggap ang mga anak ko kung papano ma claim ung package.
Bakit po ganyan jan s mga ahensya ng mga tga post office,marami ang di mpagkatiwalaan.dahil pag s hindi mkarating ang padala,e hihingan k nmn ng npakamahal n tax kuno!!??na wla nmng recbo!!pki ayos nmn po ang serbisyo,dahil po ang perang ibinabayad nmin s padala e dugo at pawis ang puhunan,my maipadala lng sa mga mhal nmin n tulad nyo n tao rin n nangangailangan.

my contact po ba kayo ng POSTMAIL po ata yun. kelangan po kasi yung visa ng ate ko wala pa ngaun alis nya mgfa 6 nasaknya lang po yung copy

ang hirap naman ninyo macontact, since morning pa.Gusto ko magfollow up about tracking nyo.anu bang number ang pinakamadaling tawagan..

bkt hngng ngaun nd pa n received ung package ko nun may 9 2012 kp pinadala un samantlng dpt 3-7 days lng un bkt hngng ngaun nd pa dumarating package ko…

Grbe po kau,ngpadala po ako ng package from korea.pgdating sa bhay wla ng laman na cellphone at relo my gana pa kayong ngbigay ng box dapat di nyo nlang bnigay un,dna kau naawa.masakit din sa amin na nghihirap kmi mag ibang bansa para lang m pasaya pamilya namin.

Andto kasi ako sa korea kaya hirap ako mkipag communicate sa kanila kaya parents ko gumagawa ng paraan,nakailang tawag na sila pero di naman sinasagot this coming monday tawagan ulit nila,hindi na pwede yang ginagawa ng mga custom wala silang karapatan na pakialaman ang di nila pagmamay ari,kapal ng mukha nila! Di na sila makapalag dhil buking na sila,my nakalagay dun sa loob ng box letter na gawa ng korea patunay na kompleto yung mga gamit na nandun sa loob ng box! grabe pinaghirapan ko napunta pa sa mga magnanakaw.

sana naman kung sino ang kumuha ng cellphone magising kna mas mapapatawad ka pa ng dyos kung isasauli mo yan kaysa habang buhay kang kakarmahin my cp number jan ng mama ko na pwede mo tawagan pwede nyo rin aq email maawa naman kayo nagbayad ako ng malaking halaga dito just to make sure na makarating sa family q,,grabe kayo wala kayong puso,di na kayo natakot sa diyos.

Good day! Can u plz help me bou’t my package this the tracking no EE 306 384 046 XPH. Pinadala poh ng mother ko papunta dto sa japan nung september 9 pa pro hanggang ngayon hnd pa poh dumarating sa akin ang bagahe. Mag 3 weeks na poh ako nag aantay…pls poh sna tulongan niu poh ako. Slmat poh!

Pls help me, the company said my goods is in the custom pa daw ng ating bansa, bakit po tagal ng release kasi delivery is 5-7 days lng daw e halos mag 2weeks na ako nag aantay:( eto po tracking EE859738711CN…

Sir,tumawag na poh dto sa japan na post office…sabi nla sit hnd pa dw na forward dto sa japan ang bagahe ko. Plz help me poh…ang tagal na poh kc nun. Eto pla ang tracking no EE 306 384 046 PH.

Galing na poh xa din sa post office ma pinaghulogan nia ng bagahe poh! Ako din poh dto sa japan galing galing din poh ako post office dto pro sabi nla d pa dw na forward dro sa japan ang bagahe.

good day follow up ko po yung EMS na pinadala sakin ng pinsan ko from JAPAN last monday pa nya hinulog sakin Ameryjoy T. Robles po name ko.

Were they able to track the package ba nong pumunta mother mo sa post office? Kung wala pa yan sa Japan, so ang makakapagbigay sayo ng exact location will be EMS Center dito sa Pinas. I strongly advise na tumawag na kayo sa EMS Office since sila makakapag bigay ng exact location ng item. Use the numbers above.

hi po… may i know the status of my parcel? tracking #
EE690863207CN….. i have tried all other means to contact ems here and abroad but to no avail…. cant get through the lines, either busy or always unattended… im leaving early next week so please help me to get my package in the soonest possible time…

help nmn was advised by postoffice docs should be recv. by friday sa US… CA pero till now wla pa din ung docs… its very important for them to rcv it kasi its requirements for our visa and due by end of month.. can we track this docs please… EE303162252PH

Hi, I received an EMS card last Sept. 24. EMS Item no. EM048633320JP Just want to ask if how much would I need to pay? Is there a custom duties charge? how much? When can I get it? Can you just deliver my purchase to the shipping address specified?

Hay…naku anung nangyarI bkit hanngang ngaun Hindi pa dumating sa Japan pinadala Kung bagahe..august 29 ko pa pinadala un till now dipa dumating?ano ba?nasan na?

Haist. Kinocontact ko po kayo kaso walang nsagot :( may Package kme from Japan. Hindi pa din nadating samin. Urgent po un :( Please help me

Ako ung tumawag kanina…regarding po sa pinadala ko papuntang japan Nung August 29 pa un hanngang ngaun awa ng dios dipa po nkarating sa japan…to takayuki taruki shizuoka omaezaki japan..pakiasikaso nman po..Hindi ung pra kming mga tanga sa kahihintay sa wala!!

Sana po maasikaso nyo nman po ung mga padala namin Kasi nagbabayad namna kami kaya umaasa din kami na makakarating sa destination ung mga padala namin…august 29 k pa hinulog yun at hanggang nagaun Hindi dumating sa japan anung petsa na ngaun September 13 na..anu yan binuburo nyo jan bagahe namin?..

hi i want to ask to my packages.sept 20 2012 p sya handed over custom till now d prin narerelease,i tried many times to call ems no one answer.d man lng sila natawag sa receiver kung my bbyaran ba o what happen sa delivery,please help,tracking numbers,,
EE690452087CN,at EE690452073CN thank you

PLEASE I sent this EMS EE306987188PH sept 10. Hanngang ngayon andyan pa din sa inyo!!!

SEPT 10 2012 papuntang USA hanggang ngayon wala pa din ANUBAYAN


sir/mam last thurs pa po kasi pinadala ng cousin ko fr. japan ung documents nya we expect at sbi sa japan by sat daw po dito dadating sa pilipinas ..bakit until now wala pa po..??very urgent ko po kc need ung documents ung nakapost namn po na no. nyu e hindi namn pomacontact!salamat po!

Sorry, ok hehe thanks. Btw do you know how they charge the custom duties? is it based on the value of product? or the weight or size? Usually could it range a thousand peso? I bought a nendroid collector item toy. Hope it wont cost that much? Btw you said that once I go there, that’s the time I will know if I need to pay tax right? so is there a possibilities that I don’t require to pay tax? sorry for many questions. =) thanks

Dear Sir/Madam,
Good day!
Would you please let me know what is the status of our package. I looked at the USPS website (USPS tracking number: CJ231479525US) it was customs clearance on the 29 September 2012 at 11:19 am. Please let us know when we are expecting to receive the package and how much the cost we are paying.
Your quick response on this matter is highly appreciated!
Many thanks

Please email at

May I know the status of my package, tracking EG192928131JP, when will it be delivered? I already advised my sister-in-law not to use EMS because of poor service and “vanishing” parcels, but still she used it because she trusts Japan EMS…..

yes… but how come they’re still on hold????? how long does it take before i get them???? where can i claim it? im leaving soon and i need to have that package before i leave! please!


is there any chance you could help me to follow up my concern. As you’ve said I should receive it by now because it is a International Priority Mail. I’m happy to pay any taxes as long as my package will release.Many thanks!

I would like to seek your help regarding my parcel from the USA. I tracked it with USPS and it shows that it was processed through the Sort Facility last Sept. 4 and was with Customs since Sept. 10, 2012. I have followed it up at our Post Office here in Baguio City but to no avail. Here’s the tracking no. CF001062995US. Thank you so much for the assistance you can extend to me.

pwede po ba direct na puntahan ung EMS pasay office kung di nmn pla kya i deliver quezon citi lng. sept 21 pa dumating ng pinas hnggng ngaun di pa deliver. . .

grabe nmn kyo bayad ang deliver s inyo oct.19 2012 pa pinadala skin sept 8 na wala pa ung papers n pinadala skin anng klase nmn kyo… hirap nyo pang makontak s phone…..

Please help me trace my package, tracking number is EE859738597CN,
As per update, it is with Phil. custom as of Sept. 19, 2012. What should i do next?

Hi… please help me track my package, tracking number is EE859738597CN, as per update from the package is with Phil. custom as of 9-19-12. What is the next thing to do? how can i follow up?

I have send a 2 box of package on Aug.17,2012 to spain .How come yong isang box hinde na karating pero parehong date ang pinagdahan yong tracking number ay CP 101 706 866 PH yang yong tracking number hinde na karating ,Please lang tell me kung saan napunta yong box kasi pina chech po ng ano ng kapitad ko sa spain hinde daw ito na karating sa spain .I made a phone call to miss beth pero walang restponed . hang kailan ako mag hintay .

Sa tracking ang sabi sa france pero sa spain ko pinadala hinde ko alang sa Philpost kung papano nila pinadala ang sabi sa email walang dunating please pacheck naman ok Thank you

Hi here’s my USPS Tracking number EC694817485US From US bound to Philippines. May I know the status and where is the location ?it is in Quezon City ? What address did they send it.?I need your help.. please

Thank you.

nagsend po ako ng package sa sister ko s japan last october 10, pero until now di nia p rin nrereceive.. express po un… anu po kaya ang problem? phelp nmn po

Just want to know the status of this item, here’s the ref# Way bill: EE661812389TW it was just sent last Oct. 4, 2012 and until now there is no update and feed back from EMS.

Hi Mr. Lee hope you could help me find my item, it was sent last Oct. 4, 2012 from Taiwan now it’s already two weeks ago, and there is no items arrive here nor update for the status. :( Im so worried for this because we really need those items.

I would to follow up my package from japan, Nung July 22 pa sya sinend until now Wala pa din. Nauna pa yung package na pinadala nung July 30.

If you can’t give them a call, e-mail them. They do reply thru e-mail naman. Sabihin mo na 2 weeks na yan at irarush nila yan. Haluaan mo ng unting drama. But let me tell you, pag alam naman nila na matagal na yan no need for further explanation. Ipaparelease yan nila agad but it doesn’t mean na walang tax. Always set your expectation that there might be.

This is not a complaint thread. I’ll be deleting this post as this is unnecessary. If you have complaints po, ideretso niyo sa EMS since hindi naman nila blog ‘to. Also, avoid duplicate post.

Thank you. – Admin

~I’m not an employee of EMS.

ang bagal naman po ng sistema natin dyan pano po yayaman ang pinas kung lagi ganyan… marami ang madidismya dahil sa puro matagal bago dumating sa paparatingan..

This is not a complaint thread. I’ll be deleting this post as this is unnecessary. If you have complaints po, ideretso niyo sa EMS since hindi naman nila blog ‘to. Also, avoid duplicate post.

Thank you. – Admin

~I’m not an employee of EMS.

Good day. I am going to a study visit in Japan tomorrow, please help me track my documents and visa EF 532511070JP. Please reply immediately.I need to know the status of this, please help me po.

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