Download and Install Fonts On Samsung Galaxy

If you purchase a brand new Samsung Galaxy Y, by default, it doesn’t come with any free fonts. If you want to download and install other fonts, you can do it however the pricing may vary depending on your country. You need to use Samsung Kies to know whether there are free fonts available for your device. Most of the time you need to pay for it and it will cost you around $1.00 to $2.00. So how do you search for available fonts for you device?

1. Open Samsung Kies.

2. Go to Samsung Apps tab under Store menu.

3. On the search box, type in font and hit enter. Now, it will list all the available fonts for your device starting from Free to ones that need to be purchased. You can preview each font style so you can check the screenshots of the phone with those fonts enabled and see if you’ll like those.

Samsung Galaxy Y Fonts Downloads



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