Forwarded for Delivery: What does it mean? [DHL]

Waiting for a package from DHL with the same tracking status, Forwarded for delivery? If yes, check out this blog post.

In this post, I will share information regarding the DHL shipment status mentioned on the title, “Forwarded for delivery”.

As much as possible, I choose DHL when purchasing stuff online. Normally, I’ll see the shipment status, “With delivery courier” after customs cleared my package or after DHL moved it from their main warehouse to their delivery hub.

Two of my recent packages did not reflect such status though. Instead, DHL updated the tracking information with “Forwarded for delivery”.

forwarded for delivery DHL

To know what will happen next, I called them up. They then confirmed that the update literally means that they forwarded my package for delivery. The catch was their in-house courier will not deliver it to me. Instead, they tasked a third-party shipping company.

They assured me that the delivery is within the day. Note that they updated the status of the two packages at noon. Therefore, the third-party courier has a few hours left to complete the delivery.

They failed to deliver one box. Instead, they delivered it on the following day, though the tracking information said that they delivered it on the promised date.

I found out that the third-party company that they tasked to deliver my packages is Ninjavan. They did not provide a separate tracking number for checking the status of the delivery. So, all I had to do was to wait for the courier to arrive. So far, no missing boxes!

Per my experience, they only forwarded most of my packages that are zero-tax. They then delivered the rest that were taxed by customs and needed to be paid in cash.

As per them, there is no guarantee that their in-house couriers will deliver my packages moving forward. They said that it depends on the people working on their delivery hub whether to forward my boxes to a third-party again.

“Forwarded for delivery” just started showing up on my package’s shipment history last month, November.

That’s it! If you have a package with the same tracking status, DHL may have forwarded it to another courier for delivery. To confirm, you may contact them directly.

Questions? Let me know in the comment section below.

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I emailed DHL about this a couple of times but they keep assuring me that their company will personally drop it off at my door. As of writing this my package is one day late and I’m very nervous about using DHL

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