Free KakaoTalk Halloween Stickers and More

Want free stickers in KakaoTalk? Read on.

Earlier today, KakaoTalk added a new set of free stickers or emoticons in the Item Store. If you missed Sarah G emoticons before, it’s never too late. It’s available again in the item store for free!

Aside from Sarah G emoticons, KakaoTalk also added Lovely Girl, Ice Yoha Princess, Kakao Friends and Halloween Party stickers. All these are 100% free.

New Free Stickers in KakaoTalk Item Store

Sarah G emoticons are free forever. Lovely Girl, Ice Yoha Princess and Halloween Party emoticons are free for 60 days while Kakao Friends (Halloween themed) sticker is good for 30 days only.

To download these stickers, open Kakao app on your smart phone or tablet. Go to Item Store > Free then tap the sticker you wish to download.

All of these free stickers will be yours in less than a minute.

Download now!

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