Fujidenzo RBT35SL Review

I purchased the said model last December, 2018. It’s small, but in my opinion, the features are incredible.

Let me start with its energy consumption. Prior to buying, I saw a picture online that shows its daily cost of PHP4.00 ($.077).

Believe me or them, it won’t jack up your bill. Here’s a proof:

I’m using an old Kelvinator model prior to RBT35SL.

It added up to my bills from January ’til the second week of December, 2018. My consumption never went down to 100 kWh.

As you can see, there was a consistent decrease in the consumption from November 2018 to January 2019. The lowest record was last month. The consumption is just 68 kWh and my bill is PHP512.56 ($9.00).

Meralco annouced that power rate will increase this February, so I’m curious what would be my next bill. I’ll be sure to post it here.

Now, my other reason for buying RBT35SL is its minimalist design. I practice minimalism so the model is just right for me.

I shot this video for everyone’s reference:

That’s how it looks like in person. The ref’s height is 33 inches and its length is 18.5 inches.

Note that it doesn’t come with inverter technology and auto-defrost, but there are egg-holder and an ice cube tray. 🤣

The ref only has one switch inside for turning it off and for choosing Min, Med, or Max setting (coldness).

I purchased the ref from Abenson for PHP8498.00 ($162.53). It comes with manufacturer warranty.

If my memory serves me right, you have to mail the warranty card in the packaging. Sorry. No sample. I threw it together with the manual. 🤣

One more thing, you may have noticed that hole in the video. There are identical keys inside the box. You can use it to lock the ref compartment for kids’ safety or whatever.


As promised, here’s the Feb bill. ☺️

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