Get Your NBI Clearance Fast in Robinsons Otis

As we all know, NBI’s contract with its IT solutions provider, Mega Data Corporation, has ended already that’s why everything went back to manual operations. I’m sad that the branch where I’m getting my clearance before are now one of those branches nationwide that are very slow in processing clearances.

When it’s time for me to renew my clearance, I heard a lot of stories from my friends who got theirs without waking up so early in the morning. Good thing, I was able to get an advice from a friend that the NBI branch in Robinsons Otis is still processing clearances really fast. By then, I decided to go there and hoping that it was true and yes it was. I only have five days left to process all of my pre-employment requirements and NBI clearance didn’t give me a headache.

So guys, if you want to get your clearance renewed or if you’re applying for the first time, Robinsons Otis is the best place to get it.

Here’s a guide about the application process:

Application Procedure

Step 1: Fill out the NBI Clearance Application Form. Get one from the personnel in the room across the Encoding and Payment Section. It’s a white form. Follow the instructions that will be provided if someone discusses the entire procedure most especially for married women to avoid any clerical error. They will call applicants by batch for payment.

How much is NBI Clearance?

Local Employment and Travel Abroad – 115.00

Breakdown of fees:

Clearance Fee: 100
Documentary Stamp: 15
TOTAL: 115.00

Hand over your application form to the cashier together with the payment.

Step 2: Fall in line for the the next step: Encoding of Information.

Hand your application form to the personnel and check his PC monitor if he’s typing in your correct personal information.

Step 3: Go to the Biometrics Section. You need to do fingerprints and photo capturing. If the personnel put a stamp in your receipt most probably, you have a namesake and sadly, you need to go back after two weeks. If not, he will tell you to wait for the release of your clearance.

Step 4: Go to the Releasing Section. Wait for your name to be called and get your clearance.

Remember, it is recommended to go to Robinsons Otis in the afternoon. Most likely there is no long wait and you will get your clearance immediately (for “NO HIT” applicants). NBI office in Otis is close during weekends and holidays. Their office hours are from 8AM to 5PM. A staff told me that they don’t have a daily quota to meet unlike other NBI satellite offices. As long as you go there before the cut-off time (4:30PM), they will entertain you.

NBI Robinsons Otis Branch Processes Clearances Fast
NBI Robinsons Otis Branch

NBI office is in the second floor of the mall. If you go there early, use the main entrance even if the mall is still closed.

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  1. is ths nbi branch stilL operating?
    im planning to have my clearance renewed ths coMing weEk. also,will it be open toMorRow even if it’s a holiday? hoping for a reply. tnx.