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PhilHealth ID Card Application

A guide on how to apply for a PhilHealth ID card.

PhilHealth ID card is one of the government-issued IDs that you can get fast if you are in need of valid IDs. You can use it to apply for utility services, open a bank account, apply for other government IDs and etc.


To apply for a PhilHealth ID card, you only need to bring with you a valid ID. For example, Company ID, UMID, TIN, and etc.


Before you go to any PhilHealth office, it is recommended to call their contact center first to confirm if the branch processes ID cards. Their hotline number is 441-7444.

The customer service hotline is open from 9 AM to 5 PM (Weekdays). You may call them as well to verify your number if your previous or current employer didn’t give you a copy yet.

You can drop by to the PhilHealth San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Branch if you are within Metro Manila or near Pasig city. You can apply for an ID card there and get it within the same day. The office is in the DAP Building near Shangri-La and Megamall. Just approach the personnel in the reception area and ask where to fall in line for the ID card. Click here for the location map.

You can go to any servicing branch as well to register as a new member and apply for an ID card at the same time.

– – –

Your PhilHealth number is permanent like your TIN (Tax Identification Number). In case you lost your ID, you can apply for a replacement for free without the need to apply for a new number.

PhilHealth ID Card
PhilHealth ID Card (Back Side)

The ID card is made from paper. You’ll be the one to attach 1 x 1 picture and laminate it.

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February 1, 2015: PhilHealth is now issuing new identification cards made of PVC. I have not submitted an application yet because I need to clarify the procedure first. As per the rep I have talked with, it costs ₱90.00, and I should coordinate with our company’s HR. I’ll be updating this post once I got mine.

74 replies on “PhilHealth ID Card Application”

Good day, sir /ma’am. How can i get my philhealt ID card? But no valid ID only birth certificate i have, please reply me. Thanks

What if PhilHealth ID doesn’t have a signature of the president/CEO?

That would be considered as a valid ID or not?

Yes, me too. My PhilHealth ID doesn’t have a signature at the back. I asked in our municipality where I got this and they said that this can be used as a secondary ID and for validation.

How can I apply for PhilHealth ID even if I forgot mine? And, can I correct my PhilHealth name because the spelling is wrong. Can’t you help me?

Hi, I have a slight problem here.

I laminated my PhilHealth ID, and some minor mistake, I forgot to put my signature there. And then after it got laminated, I saw my ID without signature. So my question is, can I still use it even though I don’t have any fixed signature there.

How to apply for a PhilHealth card (the ATM type PhilHealth ID)?. What are the requirements and how long will it take to get it?

Just to clarify, they will ask only one valid ID right? ‘Coz when I asked them if I can get another card because my PhilHealth ID was lost, they’ve given me requirements before I can get a new one and with those requirements, it includes 2 valid IDs and I was frustrated because that is the reason why I needed to get another card becauseI only have one valid ID. (Maybe they have misheard me or something and thought I needed to get a whole new PhilHealth number?, Or is it because I already got one and since it was lost, I needed to submit additional requirements?). I’m confused. Can you guys help me with this?

Hi, I’m a single mother right now, but married.
Q1: Can I put my son, mother (49 years old) and 2 siblings (both married) under my beneficiaries?
Q2: Is Robinsons Fairview issuing PhilHealth IDs?

A1: If you want your mother to be a beneficiary, she should be at least 60 years old. If your siblings have a PhilHealth number, they can’t be a beneficiary.

Sir, Is the branch here in Rodriguez, Rizal issuing PhilHealth ID/card? and how can I get one?. I only have an MDR number. Is it possible to have an ID even if I don’t have contribution yet?

Got this from the official Philhealth website:

Gumaca, Quezon
Address: 2nd Floor Landbank Bldg., A. Bonifacio St. Brgy. Maunlad, Gumaca, Quezon
Contact number: (042) 317-7554
Email address: gumaca[dot]pro4a[at]philhealth[dot]gov[dot]ph

Nope. PhilHealth does not have such service currently. I’m not sure if the location is near your place though:

Address: 471 Editha Building, Alabang-Zapote Road, Almanza I, Las Piñas City
Contact numbers: 556-5374 | 556-5685 | 801-5256 | 556-5687

There are PhilHealth satellite offices as well in Robinsons Imus and Dasmariñas that print out ID cards.

Hi! Where can I apply for a Philhealth plastic card? My friend got hers when PhilHealth went to their company (Stream/CVG Ortigas). Where can we apply for plastic card ID instead of the paper one?. Thanks!

I was informed that PhilHealth is releasing PVC-type ID cards so I called them recently to inquire. If what the gentleman said on the other line is correct, the employer must help you out. You need to coordinate about the process with your company’s Human Resources. I’m not sure though if third party companies can provide the required form. I’ll be clarifying this matter as well with our company if time permits, then I’ll be updating this post as soon as I can.

P.S.: The new ID card costs ₱90.00.

You said a company ID will do. My Company ID does not show any signature; just my name and picture. Will that be accepted? Thanks.

For this card, It will serve as valid ID. It means I will provide my 1×1 picture? I don’t have any valid ID. So, what do I present as a requirement for my application? Thanks.

Good day, i already have my id now i need to change my last from Racal to Baje. What are the requirements for this? How long will it take to process it? Your immediate reply is highly needed. Thank you anc God Bless..

Gud day madam,,I have a problem regard to my wife..she is house wife and until now she don’t have a valid question is how can my wife get an Phil health I’d to ur office.?wat she need to present so that she can get an philheath id and serve as valid id…pls do reply for my concern.thanks so much and God bless

i dont have any valid i.d. that’s why i’m applying for a replacement philhealth i.d. i lost all my important documents during typhoon yolanda. Is birth certicate enough to get philhealth i.d.?

Thanks for your response. I actually have my philhealth #. My concern is.. can i apply for a replacement of philhealth i.d. with only a birth certificate to show to them, because i think one of their requirements for philhealth i.d. replacement is atleast one valid i.d.

Hello, i already have my philhealth number,now i want to get my philhealth id card, so how can i get my id? thanks

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