How to Get a GCASH Account?

Signing up for a GCASH account is easy. Just make sure that you have an existing globe number (prepaid or postpaid) which is not yet enrolled to GCASH. There are no requirements needed. All you need to do is to key in your personal info and you’ll have your GCASH account activated right after.

What are the things that you can do with GCASH?

-Pay Bills
-Online Shopping (Check this guide for more info)
-Buy prepaid load
-Load GPass etc.

Now, how exactly do you go about getting a GCASH account?

Currently, there are two ways to sign-up:

1. Via Globe Menu

Most Globe sims have Globe Menu in it. Open it and check if GCASH is available among the services list. If yes, select it and then select Register. In the next steps, enter your personal info until you get a confirmation text that your GCASH account has been activated successfully.2. Via *143#

Dial *143# on your handset and follow the prompt. After that, wait for the confirmation text from 2882.

Now, is there a unique account number that will be assigned to your account? Your Globe number is your account number. e.g. 09151234567.

After you set-up your account, how are you going to put funds on it? If you have a Megalink or Bancnet ATM card, you can transfer funds from it to your GCASH account. You can do that via Globe GCASH website and just look for Get GCASH Here! section. You also have the options to deposit funds to your account in Globe wireless center, partner pawnshops, rural banks as well as SM Department store. Crediting of GCASH is real time.

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