Getting an NBI Clearance Within 15 Minutes in Robinsons Otis

This post is the updated and revised version of the article I published on November 8, 2011.

Update as of December 23, 2014: Please be informed that NBI updated the clearance procedure. You may now register online at, set an appointment, and make an electronic payment.

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It has been almost three years since the last time I created a review about getting a clearance from one of the NBI satellite offices located at Robinsons Otis. I know there are still lots of peeps out there who are used to the norm of waking up early in the morning just to ensure a spot in the 500-per-day-limit of NBI offices. My sisters do it as well to make sure they get their clearance within the day, and so that they will be able to go home early. While they are used to it, I beg to differ.

If you are like me, I recommend that you apply for a clearance (new application or renewal) in Robinsons Otis. There is an NBI satellite office on the second floor together with SSS and PhilHealth. Thus, if you need to get other documents such as SSS verification slip, PhilHealth member’s data form, et cetera, Otis is one of your best options.

NBI Clearance Application Procedure (New and Renewal)

Another Hassle-Free Experience

In my old blog post, I have explained step-by-step the NBI clearance application. The procedure is still the same as per my experience when I went back to Otis last September 25, 2014 (Thursday).

I left our house at 9:00AM, and I arrived in Robinsons Otis at 11:07AM. It took me two hours because of heavy traffic in Pasig City. Take note, I am from Cainta, Rizal. So, I travelled all the way to Paco, Manila (my hometown). Imagine, I got my clearance within 15 minutes only. After that, I dropped by the SSS office beside NBI, and I was able to get a verification slip as well. It took me only 5 minutes to get that small piece of document.

The Procedure

Most NBI satellite offices follow a standard procedure consists of four steps: (1) Payment (2) Encoding (3) Biometrics, and (4) Release.

Before you start with the first step, if you are a first-time applicant, or would like to renew an expired clearance, I recommend that you fill out the online application form here if you would like to get your clearance faster. Print it before going to Robinsons Otis. That’s what I did.

You can use any web browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, et cetera. You can save the application form as a PDF, and transfer it to a thumb drive, or a USB flash drive if you don’t have a printer at home, then have it printed in an internet café, or wherever you want.

NBI office in Robinsons Otis requires a printed copy of the online application form. For some branches, correct me if I am wrong, a copy of the registration code will do.

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  1. Is it possible to get my NBI clearance at SM San Lazaro sattelite office (but I actually applied at Robinsons Ermita)? Yesterday was the scheduled date of release.