This is How GLOBE Conveniently Terminated My Postpaid Acct

Here’s what Globe and I did:

November 8 – I called 730-1000 and spoke with “Retention”.

As expected, they asked me why I’m cancelling my account, and I said, “I’m migrating”. Immediately, they discussed the final amount to pay, PHP9,881.27, which includes the termination or admin fee.

Based on their record, I have an excess payment which means that I don’t need to pay.

I’m talking about account termination in this post, but ironically, I fell into the trap of downgrading my account to Plan Zero. It costs 50 pesos a month for retaining the number, whatsoever. 🤣

November 11 – The original plan has ended and Plan Zero kicked in.

November 12 – For the second time, I called them. I requested Plan Zero to be cancelled, and it was processed within 24 hours. 😌👏

P.S. After “Plan Zero” kicked in, I requested to have my phone unlocked. If you want to know more about this process, check out this post.

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