Cons of The New Google+ Comments

Google+ Comments is a new commenting system designed by Google for Blogger. It works like Disqus and Facebook Comment Box wherein readers can comment on your posts and share it to their circles in Google Plus. Thus, it will drive more traffic to your website and you will be able to track discussions in Google Plus about your posts.

In this article, I’m going to share the things I discovered about this new widget when I tried to enable it on my blog for testing.

The following reviews the cons of this new Blogger feature.

Incompatibility Issue (Blog Template)

Google+ Comment can be enabled directly in Blogger dashboard.

I installed it on my other blog and it did not work. I’m using a custom template which is not provided by Blogger. I changed the template temporarily to ‘Simple’ and it worked. Therefore, I realized that Google+ Comment widget will not work to some custom Blogger templates. It works best on free templates provided by Blogger even Dynamic Views.

If you are using custom template, try adding this HTML code to make it work:

<div class='cmt_iframe_holder'

This code will not work on some templates.

Conflict with Disqus

I believe majority of Bloggers out there are using either Disqus or Facebook Comment Box on their blogs.

Once you enable Google+ Comment while Disqus is installed on it, Google+ Comment will not appear unless you remove Disqus first. So, if you have already received tons of comments on your blog, removing Disqus is a worst thing to do most especially if you did not synchronize comments from Disqus to Blogger.

Remember, comments will not be migrated to Google+ Comments once you remove Disqus in your blog. If you did, it will have an impact on your site’s SEO.

For your information, Disqus comments are indexed by search engine like Google thus it brings audience to your blog.

Restricted to Google+ Users

Google+ Comments widget on Blogger.
Google+ Comments widget on Blogger.

Unlike the default Blogger commenting system and Disqus, only those who signed-up for a Google Plus account can comment on your blog.

Think of those people who are lazy in doing that kind of stuff (signing-up). There are people who get mad about commenting on a blog which requires CAPTCHA verification. Some of them are patient enough in guessing codes while some will just close out your web page without a second thought.

I’m not saying that in Google+ Comments, readers need to enter CAPTCHA code but the latter scenario will most likely happen if majority of your blog readers do not have Google+ accounts.

Tracking Comments

Once you enable Google+ Comments, the old ‘Comment’ tab will disappear on your dashboard. Does it mean existing comments will be deleted? No. Those will remain on your blog.

Some of you may ask: Where are those comments gone? Also, where can you track new comments posted on your blog?

Actually, that was my question as well. As per Google, you will receive a notification when someone commented on your blog post. So, most probably, comments can be tracked only in Google Plus website or your Google Plus profile which is a hassle compared to the old ‘Comments’ tab where comments are classified as Published, Awaiting Moderation or Spam.

Imagine moderating comments by checking each blog post compared to the old ‘Comments’ tab where you can easily tag comments a spam or not.

Change Blog Domain

If you have plans to buy domain from Blogger or use a custom domain you’ve purchased from another website like GoDaddy, do not enable Google+ Comment yet. As per Google, all comments will be deleted if you changed your blog URL.

Spam Comments

The default Blogger commenting system has anti-spam technology and filters spam comments automatically. With Google+ Comment, people can easily post their blog URL to your site or post spam comments.

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