What Made Hinagdanan Cave Memorable

Hinagdanan is one of the must-visit attractions in Panglao, Bohol. It’s a memorable underground cave for me not mainly because of the place, but the guides.

Guides in Hinagdanan have a good sense of humor. They’re comedians worth tipping for. Never in my life heard someone exclaim, “Spectacular!” or any other unusual adjectives to describe a shot. Only in Hinagdanan. Our guide did, and he cracked jokes until we left.

Aside from guides, the cave is wonderful. The water is crystal clear and it’s so cold.

There’s a separate fee to swim. Total is not more than hundred fifty pesos.

To save time, wear a good-to-go swimming attire.

The name “Hinagdanan” seems to be a no-brainer if it refers to the cemented stairs built to access its inside.

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