Deleting an eBay Account

Want to delete your eBay account?

Before you submit a request to eBay, here are a few things that you need to check.

1. Your account has no outstanding balance. For example, seller fees.
2. Your account should not have active subscriptions. e.g. eBay store
3. No payment sent within 30 days. For example, you sent a refund or buy something.
4. Your account should not have open or unresolved disputes.
5. Your account should not be suspended.
6. Your account should not have available credits. You need to call eBay to get a refund and make your account balance zero.
7. Your account should not have active listings.

Deleting an eBay Account

Go to this link. Log in to your account.

Select the category that best match the reason you want to close your account. For example, Billing Issues. See screenshot below.

Close my eBay Account

Select your reason among the options then click Continue.

eBay will try to offer solutions depending on your reason. On the next page, select either Yes or No, Please close my account to continue with the request.

You will get a confirmation if the request is successful. If not, eBay will provide the reasons why you can’t close your account yet. Just follow the instructions on how to fix each item.

Take note, there’s a waiting period before your account gets closed. eBay will send an email confirmation once the waiting period is over.

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