How to Go to Hagimit Falls From Kaputian Beach

This was the same question I’m seeking answer together with friends lately. We were informed by another friend that we can ride a habal-habal [motorcycle], but since it’s kinda risky, we tried to find an alternative.


When we checked out of the Kaputian Resort, the only option that we have was habal-habal. Since it’s already past 8 a.m., and the two ferries going to Sta. Ana Wharf had left, we decided to follow the itinerary.


On a Habal-Habal to Hagimit Falls. No Helmet

No helmet! 😭Just to set proper expectation, only drivers wear it and they do not provide to passengers. That’s the first thing I noticed.


A habal-habal can accommodate a maximum of two passengers. The fare from Kaputian Beach to Hagimit Falls as of writing is PHP160.00 [good for two riders]. A single passenger will pay the same amount.

The ride from Kaputian Beach to Hagimit Falls is a zigzaggy one. It reminds me of the roads in Phuket, Thailand.

Despite the risk, I enjoyed the 30-minute ride and the view. Two-thumbs up!

❤️ Samal.

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