How To Vote In MNET Countdown

In this tutorial, I will guide you on how to vote for your favorite artist in M! Countdown. The voting period starts from Friday (11AM) until Monday (9AM) and the result will be shown right after the voting period ends. Remember, you can vote everyday using your MNET ID and only one vote per ID is allowed.

To vote:

1. Log-in to your MNET account. If you don’t have one yet, click here.

2. Go to the M!Countdown Voting Page.

3. Look for your preferred artist on the list and then tick the box beside the song title.

Vote in M! Countdown

4. Click Vote Done (Red button) at the bottom of the page.

Vote Done

5. You should get a message prompt like this: (see screenshot above)

투표가완료되었습니다, 감사합니다
Voting has been completed. Thank you!

6. You will be redirected to last week’s rankings.

Here’s the scoring system of M! Countdown:

1. Online and Offline Music Sales = 50%
2. Online Votes = 30%
3. Music Judges’ Score = 10%
4. SMS Votes = 10%

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