IDM Not Compatible With Firefox 8.0 [Resolved]

For those who have experienced getting a message prompt that Internet Download manager Plug-in is not compatible with Mozilla Firefox 8.0, here is q quick work around on how to fix it:

First, this message isn’t true, IDM is supported unless you have 6.07 build 12 onwards. If you are using an old version, try to upgrade first to the current one. If you don’t want to upgrade whatever reason you may have, try enabling the plug-in again manually in Mozilla Firefox.

1. Go to Tools – Add-ons – Extensions.
2. Look for IDM CC plug-in.
3. Click Enable.
4. Try to download a file and see if it works.

Internet Download Manager Plug-In enabled in Firefox 8

If this doesn’t work, much better to upgrade to 6.07 build 12 or 6.07 build 14.

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