How to Add Caption Below an Image on Windows Live Writer?

In Windows Live Writer, you can put text-caption below images without installing a third-party plugin. You’ve read it right! If you are looking for a guide on how to do it, then you are on the right place.

In this guide, I’m going to walk you through on how to put description below images whenever you compose an article on Live Writer. This is a great alternative to ‘alt text’ or watermarking. But it doesn’t mean that you can just ignore those. For SEO’s sake, don’t forget to add alt text if you add caption to an image. Watermarking is also important most especially if you own copyright to your image files.

Create Table

Step 1: Launch Windows Live Writer. Create a single-columned table with two rows by going to Insert tab then click Table. Put ‘2’ in Rows box then ‘1’ on Columns box.

If you want to show table border, put a checkmark on “Show table border” then provide your preferred pixels. The higher the pixel, the thicker the border will be.
Table Alignment

Step 2: Highlight the table you’ve just created.

A live demo on how to highlight table on Live Writer.
This is a live demo on how to highlight table on Live Writer.

You can do that by placing your mouse cursor at the right-hand corner of the table. Hold left-click on your mouse then drag the cursor to the left-hand side of the table. See image for your reference.

Note: In the sample image, I set the table width to 100 pixels. I always use that size by default. The table inherits the size of image file after I drag it inside the first row.

Table Alignment

Step 3: Go to Home tab then select your preferred alignment: Centered, Left or Right (Paragraph Tools). Ignore ‘Justified’ as it is not applicable in positioning table.

Tip: Whenever you create a table, it will be aligned at the left-hand side.

Insert Photo

Step 4: Put your mouse cursor on the first row of

The First Fouette by Yuela Diumin
“The First Fouette by Yuela Diumin”

This is an example of caption below an image.

the table then click it. Now, go to Insert tab again then click on ‘Picture’. Insert a photo from your hard drive.

It should appear inside the first row of the table.

Step 5: Customize your photo.

Insert Caption Below Image

Step 6: Now type-in the caption on the empty second row of the table. You can format it if you want like change the size, set your desired text style etc. Use the Home toolbar to format the caption.

Step 7: Publish your article once you are done.

Now, you already have an idea on how to put captions on photos. The steps above are focused on adding caption below a photo but actually you can also put it on top, or at the right or left-side of a photo. To do that, you only need to adjust the number of row and column.

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