iMessage or Facetime Activation Fee in Globe

And I spent time to call them since I have zero clue of the charge.

I recently signed up for an iPhone plan, but I’m not aware that activating iMessage has a corresponding fee. I didn’t recall activating it, but it’s turned on. Hence, the charge.

I talked to Globe and they confirmed that the charge is associated with activating iMessage or Facetime. This is only applicable, of course, to iPhone users.

The activation process involves pinging an overseas whatever. Thus, the fee.

It costs ten pesos for local activations, while it differs internationally (roaming).

I was assured that it’s a one-time fee, but it’s not. I’ll see it again if either iMessage or Facetime is reactivated.

On my first bill, I saw an Overseas Communications Tax on top of the fee. I did a research, and from my understanding, it’s a tax levied on overseas communications, whatever that was initiated in the country.

Globe informed me again that it’s a one-time fee, but it’s not. I would see this again in case of iMessage/Facetime re-activation.

The ten pesos was charged to my consumable and the remainder was added to my balance together with the OC tax.

The activation fee is tax-inclusive. CMIIW.

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