Insert Pictures on eBay Ads Description

One of the things that you can do to make your ads on eBay more attractive is to add pictures of the items you’re selling in the description instead of plain text.

But, how to do it?

Insert Pictures on eBay Ads Description

First, you should upload the photos to a free image hosting website like Flickr, Picasa, TinyPic, PhotoBucket, ImageShack, Imgur etc

You can upload photos in Imgur for free without creating an account.

After uploading the photos, right-click each then select ‘Open Image in New Tab’ (for Google Chrome users). Right-click the photo again then click ‘Copy’

Remember to click the photo to enlarge it if only if applicable. You will know if the image can be enlarged if  mouse cursor turns into magnifying glass icon.

Large photos are scaled down automatically when opened in a new tab in Chrome. Hence, you need to click it to enlarge the photo so you can copy the original image size.

Note: Select ‘Copy’ if you’re using Internet Explorer.

Now, you’re ready to paste the photo in your eBay ad.

Edit the listing you wish to add photos in the description. Right-click anywhere you want to display the picture then select Paste.

The photo will show in the screen automatically.

Example of a Photo inserted in eBay ad description - eBay Ads
Example of a photo inserted in ad description

You can align the photo by clicking it first then select your preferred alignment (Left, Right or Center) in the toolbar.

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