How to Install Flash Player for Safari on Windows 8.1?

Having a problem installing Flash Player for Safari on Windows 8.1?

In this guide, we will share a workaround on how to make Flash Player work on Safari for Windows if you keep on getting a missing plugin error after several attempts of re-installing it.

Flash Player is required to play flash videos and games on Safari.

The process of installing it is the same with other internet browsers. You can download it for free on the Adobe website.

Adobe will automatically detect the operating system and browser you’re using by default to determine the appropriate installer for your computer. After which, you just click on Download button and run it. This process seems to not work on Safari for Windows. So in this tutorial, we’ll introduce another way of downloading the installer to make it work.

Here’s how.

Install Flash Player

Open  Safari on your Windows computer. Go to Adobe website to download the plug-in.

Need Flash Player for a different computer

Click Need Flash Player for a different computer? link

Flash Player 11 for Other Browsers

On the next page, select Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012 as the operating system. Select Flash Player 11 for Other Browsers in Step 2. See screenshot above.

Uncheck Optional Offer box or leave it as it is if you wish to download Google Chrome. Click Download Now button.

Save the Flash Player online installer. Run it afterwards then wait for the installation to finish.

Make sure to close Safari before running the installer. Relaunch the browser afterwards.

You may try to visit YouTube and try to watch a video.

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