Install iTunes Update Manually

Isn’t it frustrating if you update iTunes and after waiting for a few minutes, it fails and the same thing keeps on happening again and again?

Updating iTunes is usually done with Apple Software Updater which is a great tool for checking and installing available updates for all the Apple programs installed on your PC. Just click the Install button and the program will do the rest. However, there could be an instance that the update will fail. It happens for many reasons.

Manually Installing iTunes Update

Now, to ease the pain of failed installation after several attempts, you may try to install iTunes update manually. Just so you know, Apple Software Updater saves a local copy of the update file on your computer. It is usually located in this path on a Windows system:

C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\Local\Apple\Apple Software Update (assuming that iTunes is installed in C drive)

You can access that folder via Apple Software Updater too. Just run the program. Click Tools on the menu bar. Then select “Open Download Updates Folder”

Apple Software Updater for iTunes, QuickTime, Safari and etc

You may install the update just like how you install iTunes for the first time on your computer. Either double-click it or right-click it then select ‘Install’. As simple as that!

If the installation fails, the installer will give you a heads up so you will know what causes the problem.

Remember, Apple Software Updater will always download the update file every time you retry to update. It is your best option to install the update manually to save time and bandwidth too if you’re on a metered connection. You can actually set the program to download the update only and run it later on your own. That option is available under Tools as well like what you can see in the screenshot above. It is grayed out if no update is available for download.

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  1. No such file “Apple Software Update ” in that folder. Only “AppleApplicationSupport.msi”, “AppleApplicationSupport64.msi”, “AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi”, “iCloud64.msi”, “iTunes64.msi”, and “SetupAdmin.msi”. How am I supposed to know which one(s) to run? The iTunes64.msi seemed like it was going to do a complete re-install of iTunes, as it gave me a “Welcome to iTunes” message — so I cancelled that installation.