Install Korean Hangul Language Pack in Windows XP

Here’s a guide on how to install Hangul on your Windows XP. You can do the following to correct those boxes or unknown characters every time you are visiting a Korean website. There’s a workaround provided below for those who doesn’t have a Windows XP installation CD which is needed during the installation process.
1. Click Start – Control Panel.

2. From the right side of the Control Panel window, make sure you’re currently in Classic View. Click Regional and Language Options.

3. Under Regional and Language Options, go to Languages Tab and check the Install files for East Asian Languages. Click OK.

Install Supplemental Language Support

2. A pop up window will show up and will tell you to insert your Windows XP Installation CD. Click OK.

Insert Disk

3. It will automatically locate the necessary files (D:\i386\lang) from the Windows XP installation CD. If you don’t have a CD, download this file:
Windows XP East Asian LANG Files

Language Pack Location Windows XP i386 lang

Save it on your computer and don’t forget it’s exact location. Go back again to the screen where you left and browse the file you just download. Click OK.

4. Wait until it’s done installing those files and reboot your PC. Browse some Korean sites and those unknown characters must be replaced now with Hangul.

Install Korean Hangul Language Pack in Windows XP Part 2
Install Korean Hangul Language Pack in Windows XP Part 3

Note: Don’t re-upload any files provided here without consent.


  1. By Chan Yang on

    the package is missing so many files and ended up wasting my time. Also ended up downloading a lot of unwanted files that changed the browser.


  2. By Emma on

    i have downloaded the above file but got a error msg during the installation, saying cannot find the file named ‘kbd101.dll.’


  3. By on

    I currently have windows xp professional installed in my computer, I recently bought a new CD. But the computer wont let me install it. it says” windows Xp does not support upgrading from Professional to Home edition” .


  4. By candysky on

    Hello! Just wanted to thank you for uploading the Lang folder :)

    Just a heads up though, the folder is missing the “xjis.nls” file which is important to start the process of copying the files. It’s the first file that Windows XP looks for. I found it while searching online:

    I copied and pasted that in the Lang folder, and that’s when it finally copied the East Asian Language files ^^

    Thanks again!


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