iTunes Store Account: How to Change Country?

Did you move recently? Do you need to change country of your iTunes account?

In iTunes Store, there is an option available under the Account page where you can change country or region anytime. The service is absolutely free, however you must have a valid source of funds, for example, credit card, and a billing address in the country which the account will be transferred. Without a valid billing source, you will not be able to change region. iTunes Store usually accepts PayPal, gift certificates, iTunes cards, and credit card payments. In other countries, there are other payment options such as ClickandBuy and PayEase.

Changing account country on the iTunes Store is very easy. It takes only a few minutes. After which, if successful, you can start shopping immediately, or do the usual stuff that you’re doing on iTunes Store: gift, share, etc.

What to Expect

Take note, not all countries have iTunes Store. Some don’t even sell gift cards or gift certificates. Others do not sell apps, movies, books, etc. So, these are few of the things to check when moving.

Purchases from the previous Store will not appear in the Purchased page once the country of the account is successfully changed. It is advisable to back up all purchases (apps, books, music, etc.) in one place so there’s no problem moving to another computer in the future.

Does it mean I won’t be able to re-download my previous purchases?

Of course you can because you pay for it, and as long as those items are available in the new country. I actually raised this concern to iTunes Support for verification, and here’s the reply I received:

Hi Jay Hee,

Welcome to iTunes Store Customer support. My name is Jun, your Advisor for today. I understand that you had a missing purchase after you change country. You do not have to worry, I will do my best to resolve the issue.

When you change the country associated with your Apple ID, your previous app purchases will no longer appear on your Purchases page.

You can download apps you purchased in another country at no extra charge as long as the following apply:

– The apps must be available in your new country.

– The apps must be exactly the same apps that you purchased in your previous country. They can’t be special versions that are only available in specific regions or countries.

If you aren’t sure if the same app is available in your new country, I can check for you. Just send me the name of the app or a link to it on the App Store. I’ll check your account to make sure you can download the app at no extra charge.

Thank you for your continued interest in iTunes. Apple appreciates your business. Have a nice day!

iTunes Store/Mac App Store Customer Support

– – –

To satisfy my curiosity whether what Jun said is valid, and because he’s talking about apps instead of ‘music’ which I guessed he overlooked from my initial email, I test it myself using another Windows computer for the benefit of everyone.

I installed iTunes, authorize the machine, log in to iTunes Store, and download a song I purchased a few months ago.

The album page shows the item as usual with price as if it has not been purchased. I clicked on the item price of $0.99, authorize the transaction, go through billing verification again, reauthorize billing (disappointed for getting a prompt that there will be a charge of $0.99), and suddenly happy after seeing this window:

You have already purchased this item

Hit Download button, then Voila! No charge at all except the one-time card authorization fee because I’m using a new computer, thus iTunes needs to reverify the payment method.

Now, if in case you have purchased many items, you might wonder how to know and download all of your purchases in the future, for example, you forgot to back up. Well, that’s going to cause headache. Your purchases from the previous Store will not appear in Purchased page, but then, you can get a list from the Account page instead. Just go to iTunes Store > Click your Apple ID > Account > Purchase History > See All.

The Purchase History page will show the list of downloaded contents. There is no way to download from there. You need to manually search the item from the Store, and buy it without being charged.

Change Country of an iTunes Store Account

The step-by-step guide below is applicable to desktop computers, Windows or Mac. It is based on my recent experience of moving a personal account from United States to the Philippines on a Windows 7 PC.

1. Open iTunes, then go to iTunes Store.

2. Sign in to your account.

3. Click your Apple ID then select Account from the drop-down menu.

Accessing Account Page

4. Click Change Country or Region link in Apple ID Summary section.

Apple ID Summary

5. On the next screen, select the country from the drop-down menu then click Change.

Change Country or Region

6. Click Continue in the Welcome to the iTunes Store page.

Welcome to the iTunes Store

7. Tick the terms and conditions box then click Agree.

8. On the next page, select your preferred payment method.

In this example (Philippine iTunes Store), iTunes accepts credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) only. See screenshot below.

Review Payment Information

If you choose credit card, you must enter the required information including a billing address and contact number in that country. On the same screen, you may also redeem an iTunes card or gift certificate by entering the code below the card number.

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