KFC Serving in Taiwan vs the Philippines

Hihi I just want to share the photo below that I took from a KFC store in Taipei and to say something a bit about it.

I forgot how much I paid for this meal, but it is a bit pricier compared to the equivalent meals in the local KFC stores.

What I would like to put emphasis on is the serving. It really surprised us. Not just me, but my friends also.

The chicken may look small in the photo, but it’s actually a big one. Add the burger, fries and drink as well.

In the Philippines, you can choose a cup for your drink, but as I’ve noticed, fast food stores in Taiwan serve drinks in a large one by default.

Going back to the fried chicken, it really is bigger than the normal serving in our country. It really made our eyes bulge that time.

If you are in a tight budget while traveling in Taiwan, then try their KFC. 🤣🤣🤣

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