My Personal Experience of Applying to Billease

It all began when I thought of getting a MacBook from Lazada to replace my ancient laptop. I’m short of cash then. So, the thing that I never considered in the past – to pay in installment, crossed my mind.

The idea seems to be viable. However, card installment is exclusive to BDO cardholders. I then had to think outside the box which led me to discovering probably, “the solution”, with Google’s assistance.

I never heard of Billease, and though their website seems dubious, I still tried them. Lazada mentioned them on their website, so it convinced me.

The application process is as tedious as applying for a credit card. I submitted a few screenshots like of my UMID or whatever to confirm my identity and income.

Billease prides themselves on their “one banking day processing” to which I can prove. I applied on January 18, 2018, and they congratulated me through email the next evening at 8:06 p.m. Yay!

With much excitement, I immediately signed into their website to check, and then there was the unpleasant information. They just gave 4,500 pesos of credit. It was not enough to cover the expense, but I’m still thankful that I will get to share the experience with some.

Billease never called me for verification or whatever purpose. Their process is unknown to me.

About the Credit Limit & Voucher

A credit can be redeemed partially or fully in a form of promo code that can be used on Lazada. It will revert to the original limit once used code(s) were paid.

Lastly, getting a voucher takes time, and hopefully not to some. I guess it is Lazada who is generating a code and Billease posts it once issued.

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